Women's theme color trends

by:JIYALI     2021-05-24
The following is an analysis of the 2020 women's clothing theme color trends for your reference!

Pastel color

Entering 2020, it seems that haze has been shrouded in smog, with outbreaks of epidemics and frequent earthquakes. Anxiety, panic, sadness, boredom...too many negative emotions make people overwhelmed. We want hope, we want to be healed, we want to embrace the fresh air.

The various things we are going through will make the 2021 spring and summer pastel color more give it a sense of mission

Gentle pink The color system, the sunny yellow system and the green system bathed in spring light will all contain powerful energy, dispel the haze, and give the pastel color a new definition.

Sugar pink

Pink lemonade


When it comes to healing colors, people Pink is always the first one to think of. The pink series will make people feel wandering in beautiful romantic fantasy and relieve people's pressure. This is natural and inevitable.

In the book 'Color Psychology

Sugar pink and pink lemonade will be presented with a bright and graceful color experience in the spring and summer of 2021, and emphasize the matching of similar colors and neighboring colors, so that the wonderful candy colors will be unspeakable Gentleness, healing people's hearts.

Color ratio

Healing pink color

will be the top priority of young ladies’ color attention


Especially the same color/neighboring color matching/virtual and real matching

will become a hot spot in the future market

By changing different brightness

Color matching of adjacent pink series

Mild and fresh

Add lively and pure tender yellow

Let the overall color match In the classics and romances

Create a feminine girly atmosphere

Combination of goods

With lively and smart sugar pink and The soft pink lemonade is the main color, supplemented by pure white, creating a playful and lively atmosphere.

The style is dominated by small doll collars, exquisite ruffles and girlish lace fabric elements. It pays attention to the decoration and richness of clothing, and creates a more styling and aesthetic match with extreme complexity.

Green gray--'life'

There is a kind of detached healing power

Peace and release from nature


The clear light gray comes from the color of nature

Symbolizes life and hope

The green gray that carries the breath of life will let People think of recovery, growth, change and innocence.

In the spring and summer of 2021, low-purity green gray will be a more important trend color, which has both natural authenticity and commercial appeal.

Color ratio

The green-gray that truly reflects the intimacy of nature. When used in market styles, the effect of color matching will be more emphasized, and more will be supplemented by warm yellow. Use with.

Clear green and gray with light warm yellow, bringing a fresh and vibrant atmosphere, blending in complementary red tones makes the overall match easy and rhythmic sense.

Combination of goods

The main colors are cool green gray and translucent yellow-green, so that the cool and warm colors form a strong contrast and match, and then supplemented by With a playful rose pink, a new core color that helps develop in the market.

At the same time, combined with light gauze and lace fabrics, the whole set of collocations reveal a sense of sweetness and romance in a relaxed and energetic manner.


'Sunshine is always after the wind and rain'

Formally respond to the current environment in which we live

An ardent expectation

This also greatly improves the recognition and trust of Sunshine Yellow in the mass market in the spring and summer of 2021, with low purity and high brightness. Sunshine yellow will be more favored by the public in the Asian market. The yellow tone has always been popular as a classic color. The new season's very meaningful sunny yellow tone will bloom in spring and summer with a distinctive beauty.

Color matching

Yellow will continue to be popular under the promotion of luxury and fashion retailers. Sunshine yellow in the color matching has pure white background, so that its color highlights can be brought to the extreme.

Match the hot sunshine yellow with neutral colors, without too much embellishment, you can create a rich and beautiful color combination.

Combination of goods

With warm sunshine yellow as the main color, with clear green tones, it will become the design of women's wear in the spring and summer of 2021. Focus on color matching.

The details will pay more attention to the changes of the sense of hierarchy. The styles are mostly bow shirts, and the color matching pays more attention to the matching of the same color system, which makes the clothes more light and texture.

Bright Marigold


Marigold is beautiful

Its meaning It is even more profound.

It is the flower of 'relief'

It has always carried great power with a small body

Its brilliant and bright colors are like the setting sun. The afterglow is so warm and not scorching, hitting the soft part of my heart, soothing the soul. Let people be filled with unlimited expectations for future life.

Color ratio

The bright and warm marigold has a commercial appearance in hue matching, and injects a modern and fashionable appearance into classic colors.

A variety of orange mixes are even more eye-catching, and the slightly exaggerated body color is also of great investment value, showing the appearance of ladies more dominant temperament.

Combination of goods

The color matching is taken from the whole body color of marigolds, with bright marigold petals as the main color system, with rhizomes The grass-green color, supplemented by bright red stamens, makes the whole set full of original natural vitality. At the same time, combined with thin gauze and lace fabrics, the whole set of collocations reveal a sense of sweetness and romance in a relaxed and energetic manner.

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