Will my wallet be broken if I break my wallet? Does your wallet affect your fortune?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-13

It's actually a relatively common situation that the wallet is broken. People often associate this with the fortune of wealth, thinking that the wallet and the fortune of wealth are inseparable. The following editor on No.5 will tell you if your wallet is broken, will you lose money?

Will your wallet break your wealth?

If your wallet breaks, you won’t lose your wealth. Just replace it with a new one after your wallet breaks. It’s a superstition that you will lose your wealth.

Most of modern people's wallets use folding styles. It is said that money is bent over every day and cannot gather wealth unless it is stretched. In order to gather wealth, it is recommended that people try to use straight-format wallets. And the newer the wallet, the stronger the luck and the easier it is to gather wealth. A Japanese person conducted a survey and found that 95% of rich people prefer to use long wallets, which also verified the argument that long wallets are more wealthy.

Wallet usage taboos

1: The useful life of the wallet should not exceed three years

Generally speaking, if the wallet is used for three years, the wealth is basically gone, that is to say , After the wallet reaches the expiration date, it needs to be replaced with a new one to increase wealth.

Two: Don’t use foldable wallets

It is said that money bends down every day and cannot gather wealth without stretching. Many wallets are now foldable. Will affect wealth. It is recommended that you use a candy bar wallet as much as possible. The money will be stretched and your luck will be better.

3: The wallet you just bought is empty

You must put some big money in the wallet you just bought! Some people may not understand it, but it is actually to make the wallet familiar with the taste of money, and , Different denominations of money have different flavors, and the enlarged money is to make the wallet like the taste of big money, and then gather money for you.

Four: Put the money in the wallet at will

The money in the wallet must be kept neat, and the top and bottom must be consistent, so that the money likes this place; when paying, you must let it The banknotes face each other to gather wealth.

5: Don’t use red, blue, and white wallets

Although red is a color that can attract wealth, it also represents a deficit; Color will make money flow away like water; white is a very clean color, and a clean wallet is not good; therefore, these colors are not recommended.

How to choose a wallet

First, remind friends that the color of the wallet must conform to your numerology. You must know what color you like and avoid, and avoid the color that is not suitable for you. wallet. If you don’t know your numerology preferences, then, generally speaking, the color of your wallet is red, gold, or coffee.

Second, the style of the wallet is very important. Generally speaking, friends should pay attention to choosing a button wallet, preferably not a zipper wallet. Otherwise, not only will you not increase your wealth but you will leak your wealth, unless you are the boss of the company or the person with the most wealth.

Third, the shape of the wallet is very heavy, usually the wallet is more rectangular, we should try to avoid round or irregular wallets.

Fourth, the texture of the wallet is exquisite. It is recommended that the texture of the wallet is in line with your own numerology. For example, if you hit a taboo leather material, then you should try not to use leather wallets, but use cloth or other texture wallets instead.

Fifth, the position of the wallet should be appropriate. Although some friends did the first few items quite right, the arrangement of their wallets is very random. The wallet cannot be placed on the shoe cabinet at the door of the house at will, otherwise the probability of losing money is very high.

How to maintain the wallet

1. Emulsion

Emulsion is a chemical thing, it is easier to block the pores of the leather, use Bilizhu to maintain high-end leather goods. It should be noted that it is best not to use that thing, it can only be harmful and not good for a while. When the pores of the leather are blocked, it will shorten the service life and the leather is easy to crack.

2. Bright oil

Generally speaking, I think this step can be omitted, because my own experience does not think it is necessary. The so-called bright oil is actually in the automatic spray painting. The varnish is painted on the surface of the leather, but it is still a chemical thing. I will only choose it for comparison works. A thin layer is used to ensure the dyeing effect. This point and the drawing should also be sprayed with a protective film at the end. A meaning.

3. Maintenance oil

Here are some small instructions. There are two very good recommendations for maintenance oil, both of which are selected by top Japanese masters. One is beef foot oil and the other It is Japanese mink oil. After the beef foot oil is applied, the original color leather will be darker, and the mink oil will not change the color of the leather. The reason why these two things are good is that they are natural animal oils, which are most easily absorbed by the cowhide, and the maintenance time About once every six months is enough, don’t be happy and just go for it. The change of leather color is the accumulation of time, and it is a kind of expectation. It will be more natural to ask time to change it.

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