Will cowhide bags be hard? What should I do if my cowhide bag is wrinkled?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-28

The cowhide bags are extremely durable and fashionable, so they have been loved by many people over the years and sold very well. The following editor on No.5 will tell you whether cowhide bags are very hard? What should I do if my leather bag is wrinkled?

Will cowhide bags be very hard

First of all, we must correct a point of view. The attributes of real cowhide are not single, and the softness and hardness are different when the workmanship is different. Genuine leather refers to natural leather materials, processed from animal skins. Fake leather refers to synthetic leather or other products that look like real leather, but are actually artificially synthesized from chemical raw materials. Since the emergence of synthetic leather technology, it has been trying to imitate natural leather. Through technological improvement and development, it has been very close to natural leather in various characteristics, especially in appearance, which is almost indistinguishable.

What to do if the cowhide bag is wrinkled

1. The most basic thing is to apply some leather care oil. But when applying the maintenance oil, you need to apply it on a clean cotton cloth first, and then evenly apply it on the leather bag. Avoid directly applying maintenance oil on the surface of the leather bag, which will damage the leather.

2. As for the leather bag wrinkles, we can use an iron to lightly iron it. But this must ensure that the temperature is between 60-70 degrees. It is not only necessary to move fast and move back and forth. Also add a layer of cotton cloth between the purse and the iron.

Precautions for cleaning cowhide bags

1. When cleaning leather bags, pay attention to using the same color skin ointment to wipe the leather, which can keep the leather bright and moist, but avoid using liquid leather oil .

2. Also, when applying skin cream to the leather bag, avoid applying the cream directly on the leather surface. You should first apply it on the fluff or soft hair and then wipe the leather surface.

3. If the leather bag gets wet, use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture on the leather bag, and then place it in a cool place to let the leather bag dry naturally. Never put wet luxury leather goods directly When exposed to the sun, use a wind tube to blow it, and it should not be blown near the air-conditioning, otherwise the leather will burst.

4. Never rinse with water or contact with chemical solvents when cleaning leather bags.

How to choose cowhide bags

1. Smell, there will be a slight smell. Skin smell, imitation leather has a great chemical smell.

2. Burning, fake cowhide is mostly artificial leather, and artificial leather will melt when you see fire. So you can burn the back of the cowhide with a lighter, the leather will not melt, but it will appear black

3. Peel off the cowhide after burning, and you can peel off the blackened cowhide. , And the burnt area of u200bu200bthe leather is stuck together and cannot be peeled off.

4. The cowhide has pores on the surface and blemishes on the back. It feels texture and smells of leather (the fake smell is pungent)

5. In the bag A few drops of water on the cowhide will absorb it and form a water mark. The color is darker than that of the unwet. The fake one will not absorb it, but will only let the liquid stay on it.

6. With a nail pinch, the leather will automatically recover, otherwise, the imitation leather will always have a mark.

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