Why should I tie the silk scarf on the bag? How to tie the silk scarf on the bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-07

Bags are beloved by many women, and the matching and selection of bags has become a compulsory course for everyone. Today, the editor of No.5 will introduce to you, why do we need to tie a silk scarf on the bag? How to tie the silk scarf on the bag?

Why do we need to tie a silk scarf on the bag?

The silk scarf on ladies' bags is mainly to increase the color matching effect, increase the richness of their accessories and attract more attention. Of course, the silk scarf can also be used to tie around the neck. If you don’t want to tie it anymore, you can take it off and tie it to the bag. The main purpose is to increase the feminine and enchanting feeling of women, attract more attention, and increase self-intoxication and beauty. And it also allows the bags to have more collocations, and can even echo the clothing and accessories worn.

How to tie the silk scarf on the bag

This method is also very simple. You only need to tie the two ends of the silk scarf and fix it. And the color of the silk scarf is also eclectic. The white bag is naturally very compatible with silk scarves of any color. The brightly colored bags can also be matched with the silk scarves that echo with them. For example, a fluorescent red bag can be matched with a silk scarf with a fluorescent red print, and a blue bag can also be matched with a blue and white porcelain pattern silk scarf, and so on.

Silk scarf is a gift of a woman, and a gift of a bag. You can use silk scarves to give an old bag a new transformation and a new life. You can also do graffiti on it and draw a bag that belongs only to you. You can also use other accessories to make the bag show a different charm. Fashion is not only an aesthetic vision of clothing styles, but also an attitude of cherishing clothing accessories.

How to wear the silk scarf

(1) Its fine texture, avoid nails, brooches and other hard objects from hooking; avoid directly contaminating the silk scarf with desiccant, cosmetics, perfume, etc. on.

(2) If it is stained, deal with it in time: Line a facial tissue or white cloth on the stained surface, and pat the stain from the back of the square with a wringed towel to make the stain penetrate into the bottom. washcloth. Keep the silk scarf away from rain. If it gets wet from the rain, spread it out to dry immediately.

(3) The silk scarf cannot withstand friction. Don't often tie knots on the same part when using it, otherwise the part will lose luster or pilling.

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