Why is the waist bag more fashionable? The waistline in winter depends on it

by:JIYALI     2021-07-18

The waist bag can be used as a belt to match the coat in winter, or it looks good with a suit. In addition, you can also add a suitable waist bag when wearing a dress. Let’s take a look. .

Waistbag with coat

First of all, it is the matching of waistbag and coat. In fact, when the waist bag was first launched, it was not accepted by people. I always felt that the match could not give the desired feeling, but in winter it is different. When wearing a coat, you can use the waist bag as a belt, so that there is no sense of violation at all.

The waist bag is matched with a suit

Then is the matching of waist bag and suit. A simple small waist bag actually matches a little formal suit very well. We can often see this method of collocation in the stars, and the neutral wind looks very cool.

The waist bag is matched with the skirt

Finally, it is matched with the dress. You may feel that something is missing when you wear the dress alone. Add a waist bag to embellish it so that you don’t have any elements on your body. It will be too over, and there is a sense of hierarchy, and many skirts do not have pockets, so you won’t be afraid of having no place to hold your phone when you wear a belt bag.

Which one do you like the most about the matching of these three belt bags?

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