Why is Chanel so popular with women? What are the characteristics of Chanel?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-10

You probably have heard of Chanel in your life, but do you know the brand of Chanel? Today, the editor will come to understand with everyone, why is Chanel so popular with women, and what are the characteristics of Chanel, let us learn from the editor.

Why is Chanel so popular with women

Why are women fascinated by Chanel? Just because it is a luxury, not only for this reason, girls are good-looking and easy to follow suit. It is not difficult to understand based on such characteristics. The spokespersons invited by Chanel are all very big names, so once the advertisement is published, a lot of people will try it, and all the packaging of Chanel is very exquisite, so it will attract a lot of women. And the quality of all Chanel products is very good. It feels good for one person, and feels good for a group of people. Then, it will form a trend, and this trend will cause Chanel to sell well. This is all affected by a better business strategy. Because of these reasons, Chanel's presence in the skin care industry has become a top-notch presence and is highly sought after by women.

What are the characteristics of Chanel?

The products of Chanel have their own unique characteristics, such as the characteristics of bags:

1. Lambskin and Lychee pattern is two classic leather bag materials of Chanel. Whether it is a rhombus bag or a CoCo classic bag, the feel is very smooth and smooth, and the metal accessories do not scratch your hands.

2. The shape of the Chanel purse itself is very strong, without the feeling of collapse. Especially lambskin, not only has a good touch, but also has an original leather taste.

3. Chanel's handbags are simple and elegant in style. They are a magic weapon to match clothes. Its leather is expensive: most of Chanel is made of lambskin. The leather is darker and has a bumpy feel. The double Clogo of the Peng series is made of snake skin, which has a strong texture. Chanel 2015 spring and summer bags are small and cute. The bags made of plexiglass and resin materials are extraordinarily light, and the bright colors and the letter logo are more personalized.

4. Logo: Chanel's logo is mostly gilded, and the gilding is very thick.

5. Inside: Inside the authentic Chanel bag, you can see the bronzing Chanel and MadeinFrance/Italy. There is a small sticker inside the bag. The sticker is printed with a computer-printed number. This number is the same as the number on the ID card and the number on the original box.

6. Zipper: All zippers of genuine Chanel have a jewelry-themed hook at the hook and chain, usually an early lion head or the famous double C-shape. The weight of genuine zipper is heavier, and the closing place is usually separated by sheepskin, and it is sewn with double thread.

Why is Chanel so expensive?

Chanel is an internationally renowned luxury brand. The reason why Chanel is so expensive is that in addition to the added value of the brand itself, its workmanship is unmatched by many brands. Chanel, it is a French brand. France is a city full of romance. It has bred many good brands. Chanel is one of them. Chanel's products are not only high-end custom clothing, but also design jewelry accessories, perfumes, makeup, etc. Wait. Chanel clothing not only represents a piece of clothing, but also represents a design concept, a style, like freedom and toughness. It seems that what you are wearing is not clothes, but a piece of armor. Wearing it, no matter where you go, you can have self-confidence beyond ordinary people. This is her brand effect. Many people buy it not for the style and color of the dress, but for its style and philosophy. In addition to its concept, there is another reason why it is expensive, that is, it still maintains the coexistence of practicality and gorgeousness. Although it does not have the eye-catching accessories of other brands, and there is no wild design, its style is always the most classic. Simple but not simple clothes contain huge energy. Because Chanel is not only a product but also an art and a belief, the products of Chanel are so expensive. Of course, I always believe that what you pay for is what you pay for. There are naturally reasons why you are so expensive.

Who is the founder of Chanel?

The founder of Chanel, Gabrielle Channel, was born in France. It was a Parisian girl who was once ordinary. Her father was a mobile trader, and her mother died of tuberculosis when she was twelve years old, leaving her and her sister in the orphanage of the monastery. The girl in the orphanage had a strong desire to escape from mediocrity, and she also looked forward to a miracle that would change her life. Finally, Gabrielle met a young Earl officer with a strong family and outstanding appearance. Through this, she saw the power of wealth and comfort and luxury. life. Smart she quickly understood that in the dazzling colorful world, only by establishing a distinctive image can she be competitive. The young woman wore a self-made black knee-length skirt and a bell-shaped hat with simple lines. Among the ladies in full dress, she made people's eyes bright. These maverick acts made this deviant lady Camellia an important source of feminist enlightenment at that time.

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