Why does Crazy Horse skin become brighter with more use? It's all the precipitation of time

by:JIYALI     2021-07-25

I believe that many friends who have used Crazy Horse leather products know that this kind of material will change over time, the more it is used, the more light it is, the texture of the leather surface will change significantly. The following editor on No.5 will tell you why Crazy Horse skin gets brighter and brighter with more use.

Why Crazy Horse Leather is brighter and brighter with more use

The characteristics of Crazy Horse Leather are determined by the characteristics of the leather itself. It is a kind of leather that will change over time and become more shiny. .

Crazy horse leather is a kind of leather that will make it more and more shiny as time goes by. It is retro and has no lack of fashion. Crazy horse skin is made from traditional first layer cowhide embryos and crazy horse oil. The Crazy Horse Oil here is not an oil extracted from Crazy Horse, but a chemical agent used to improve the surface texture of cowhide. Crazy Horse leather has a messy and disorderly surface, a strong feel of leather, and can show the color change effect of the base color when it is twisted. It occupies the position of high-end products in the leather market, and it is even more dominant in the leather bag, belt, and footwear market. , Because of its better flexibility, it is especially suitable for high-end belt products.

What is Crazy Horse Leather

My friend, you must have heard of cowhide, first layer cowhide, and even lambskin, but have you heard of 'crazy horse leather'?


I believe that many people who hear this term for the first time are as stunned as I am: I knew you loved to use all kinds of animal leather to make shoes and bags, and now you are so crazy that you can’t even let go of horses. ? (The pony is so cute, how can you kill a horse...) There are also people who wonder: Use horse skins, why use Crazy Horse skins? Is there any difference in using Crazy Horse skins? Will this kind of leather-made utensils carry 'crazy diseases' and infect people?

In fact, 'crazy horse leather' is just a leather-making process, a name for a leather style, in Taiwan And some areas are also called 'crazy cowhide'. Crazy horse is not a horse, it is actually cowhide! My cow is amazing, this cowhide can 'blow' for a year!

How about the crazy horse leather feel?

I have introduced it by a colleague. When I arrived at Aunt Zhang, I hadn't had a good hand ever since. She kept chopping and chopping and couldn't stop. She had eaten soil every month, but she still visited Aunt Zhang every day. This station is poisonous. . Once, by chance, I saw someone sharing a handmade wallet made of Crazy Horse leather in Aunt Zhang, and fell into the leather goods pit. The richest people of all kinds bought a set of tools and leather, and then all kinds of fun to play. It’s been a while since I lost my skin. I made some small things before. I made N books with Crazy Horse retro books and gave them away. I received various praises. My heart is satisfied and happy. Full of a sense of accomplishment, there is no way~ In fact, the playability of leather goods is very high, and there is no need to stick to the form.

Come, come, plant a grass! Crazy Horse leather pockets. Not long after I started with the account pit, I happened to be going out for a few days, so I decided to start with the TN account. Midori should be a classic brand for travel accounts. Crazy horse leather with rough lines and textures has a strong retro atmosphere! Hobo's small and fresh accounts made me almost click the payment button, but I resisted it. For the sake of high pressure and fake literature and art, I resolutely chose Crazy Horse Skin. The price is not cheap, because I didn't intend to make it cheap...the texture of the leather is really important. I like the closing method of leather rope winding. It is simply too sensible. Every time I finish writing, I close my account and tie my notebook tightly with leather rope. I feel like a medieval European writer hahahaha.

Common leather types

soft cowhide

Features: comfortable and delicate hand feel, clear lines, large width and softness.

Litchi pattern cowhide

Features: Lychee pattern cowhide is also called shrink-grain leather, with clear texture, good strength and elasticity, thick leather material, fullness, wear resistance, and easy to beat Rationale. If this kind of leather is used to make bags, it is usually quite heavy without putting things.

Super-gloss leather

Features: bright color, waterproof, moisture-proof, smooth surface, two-color effect, very textured, easy to take care of, but easy to scratch.

PVC leather

Features: artificial leather is waterproof, wear-resistant, easy to take care of, and low cost. Many big-name fabrics will also be made of pvc material. The only downside is that it is not high-grade and has no cowhide Obviously noble.

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