Why can't a leather processing factory customize a single bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-15
Why can't a leather processing factory customize a single bag? What is the difference between individual customization and mass customization? The editor believes that these two problems are the doubts of all individual customization users. Today, the editor will solve the doubts of these two problems for everyone.

The reasons why leather goods factories cannot accept individual customization are as follows: 1. The cost of customizing a single bag is much higher than that of mass customization. 2. The raw materials are difficult to purchase and the loss rate is high. 3. The production process takes a long time and labor costs are high.

Because the cost of individual customization is too high, and it is more difficult to purchase raw materials, many wholesalers of raw materials are reluctant to sell them alone. Moreover, the loss of raw materials is also large, and the labor cost is also higher than that of mass customization. The reason why leather goods manufacturers cannot accept individual customization is the above points. When the leather goods factory tells the customer the price of a single customization, because the cost is too high, the customer cannot accept such a high price.

At the moment, I believe that many people may have custom-made clothes. A well-known store opened a store in a busy city, and there was an elderly tailor there to help you for a year. Tailor-made, it looks very professional, the size and so on are measured very carefully, it is called personal customization, how long will it take to get the clothes. Actually, as long as you have a deep understanding, you will know that most of them also measure your body shape and select the clothing that suits you from a category that suits you. In fact, this is a new era, a business model launched in response to different products and market demand, which can meet customer needs to the greatest extent, while saving costs to a certain extent. In fact, leather goods manufacturers process bags in the same way.

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