Why are leather goods manufacturers so expensive?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-14
Recently, the editor learned from fellow salespersons that many customers from the Internet think that the price of leather goods manufacturers is high. When customers choose leather goods manufacturers, they will choose 3-5 factories to compare prices, but the prices quoted by these manufacturers There is a huge difference between high and low. Why is this?

Customers want to know the price of the products they need to customize, roughly through different ways:

1, directly call the leather goods manufacturer, and roughly talk about all the product sizes in their hands. As well as the material used in the product, the factory directly quoted on the phone. As a result, the price quoted by the leather manufacturer was very different from the ideal price. (Let the leather goods manufacturer quote directly by phone. The leather goods manufacturer will quote you an approximate price without knowing the style of the bag you want to customize, as well as the quality and grade you want, but it will often disappoint you)

2. Communicate directly through the chat tool, only provide pictures, sizes, and materials you want to make, so that leather manufacturers can quote directly, but they can only only estimate the price , Compare with your ideal price gap. (You can only quote a rough price for sending pictures through chat tools, because the materials you want to make are at different prices. Leather manufacturers don’t know whether the materials you want to make are good or general. I can give you an estimated price)

As mentioned above, if you have a physical product there, it’s best to send the physical product to the factory so that the factory can calculate the actual price of the package based on the physical measurement. The two methods of quotation can only estimate an approximate price, and they often disappoint themselves.

But if you want to customize high-quality leather products, and you don’t have the real thing in your hand, you can ask the factory for proofing first. During the proofing process, the factory may send materials of different prices for you to choose. In this way, you can not only see the quality of the sample, but also understand the actual bulk price of the bag. Although the process is relatively long, you can at least understand whether the factory meets your requirements.

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