Which points should be used as a reference for custom handbags

by:JIYALI     2021-05-22
How about custom handbags? To choose a handbag, you must first choose your favorite color and bag style. This is very important. The bag can be matched with clothes, shoes, belts, and even tie or headwear. So the first choice is to choose the style and color you like.

Nowadays, the fabrics of customized handbags can be described as diverse, and there are all kinds of them. The cowhide bags, patent leather bags, frosted leather bags, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth bags, artificial leather bags that you often see on the market... …And so on. However, these fabrics can be divided into the following types: The first type is the leather handbags we often say, which are real animal fur, cowhide, pigskin, horse skin, etc. Most of them are cowhide bags, because cowhide The toughness is good, the fabric is strong, so the price is more expensive, but the style is relatively simple. The second type is PU material. Most of the bags are made of this kind of fabric, a kind of artificial leather, and the kind of patent leather that is often said are all this kind of fabrics. There are actually thousands of kinds of PU fabrics. , The price is different from low to high, the style is diverse, and the plasticity is high. The third type is the fabric, which has good softness. Most of the leisure bags use this kind of fabric, which is not afraid of grinding and pressing.

Customized handbags should not only look at the fabric of the bag, but also the details of the bag: the hardware of the bag is generally low-grade and the bag has iron, medium and high-end Generally it is steel, and the surface plating work is different. The good plating work is more expensive. There is a big gap between the solid and the hollow seam and seamless of the hardware ring of the bag. If the hardware on the bag is branded The cost of the bag with the logo engraved on it is higher. Therefore, depending on the quality of the luggage itself, metal is a critical part. It is smooth to the touch, has a texture when it is tucked, and is finely crafted.

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