Which is better, waxy leather or cowhide? A classic that has accumulated over the years

by:JIYALI     2021-06-23

Oil wax leather and cowhide are two very common materials, especially on bags, which are very widely used. I believe many people have bought bags of these two materials. The following editor on No.5 will tell you which is better, waxy leather or cowhide?

Which is better, waxy leather or cowhide

The feel of the cowhide is better, and the more you use it, the more attractive it is. Both take what they need, and each has its own advantages.

Cowhide is the skin of a cow. The surface has primitive skin characteristics. The first layer of skin should be differentiated by grade. The best is the full-grain skin, followed by the shaved skin, and then the soft skin. The last thing is broken skin. There is no difference between the shaved skin of the first layer of skin and the second layer of skin from the surface, but the hand feel of the two is different from the insider's point of view. The layman feels indistinguishable.

Oil wax skin is more water-absorbing, and the color will change after absorbing water. Also don't touch the oil, it will leave a mark on the oil. In short, oil wax leather is a discoloration leather. When it encounters water or oil, the material will change color, so please take care of it during normal use, and pay attention to moisture, water and oil stains. If the bag is slightly scratched, use a soft cloth repeatedly Try rubbing to smooth out the scratches.

What is oil wax leather?

Oil wax leather is one of the high-end leather materials. Due to the particularity of the production process, the cost is extremely high! This is also the type of leather we use The direct reason that the serial numbers are above the F category.

The oil wax leather is made of high-quality, natural top layer cowhide (poor quality leather can not be made of oil wax leather). After dyeing, oiling, and waxing, it is soft, elastic and tensioned. A leather material with great special leather effect; it is a fashion product with antique art effect, and it is also the material of choice for major furniture brands in the world.

There are many types of oil wax skins, such as: ordinary wax oil wax skin, white mist wax oil wax skin, cationic wax oil wax skin, etc. Currently we are using ordinary wax oil wax skin, this This kind of oil wax leather has a shiny surface effect, as if a layer of oil wax has been rubbed on the surface of the leather.

Characteristics of oil wax leather

Character 1: Discoloration

Because the surface of oil wax leather is covered with a thin layer of wax, it is easier to leave scratches on the surface. However, the scratches will disappear as long as they are applied with cloth or wax. When checking the oil wax leather, it can be found that there is a dark and shallow discoloration effect when you pull the skin by hand. This is also the most special point of the oil wax leather.

Characteristic 2: Good air permeability

Different from cheap leather, which coats the surface with a thick coating to cover up the flaws of the leather, select high-quality cowhide leather without cover , Has good air permeability, and the leather is smooth, soft and elastic.

Feature 3: Not easy to mold

The process of 'vacuum drying' is used to make oil wax skin, and the moisture of the leather body is drained by mechanical equipment, which can ensure the oil wax The skin is not prone to mildew and decay, so the oily wax skin has strong water and oil absorption, and the color of the oily skin will become darker when it adheres to water and oil. Remember to be waterproof and oil-proof.

The production process of oil wax leather

The oil wax leather has very strict requirements on the cowhide. Only a dozen top-layer cowhides are selected from the highest quality oil wax. skin. The production process is even more complicated. There are 108 processes including blue leather-dyeing-leather blank-roller oil-roller wax-effect color-varnish (finished product). Any error in any link will affect it. The final color.

The shiny surface effect of the oil wax skin is like rubbing a layer of oil wax into the leather surface. It is hazy. As long as you fold or rub the leather, you will see the complexion and the background Blending change. It has strong water and oil absorption, and the color of the leather surface will become darker when it adheres to the water and oil. In fact, it is these characteristics of oil wax leather that make it feel nostalgic and vicissitudes of life.

The oily wax skin will retain its natural state, such as pores, spots and scratches on the cow's skin during the lifetime. It is such natural colors and traces that enable it to be better integrated into the home, natural, calm, and unpretentious.

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