Which is better, vegetable tanned leather or leather? Big contrast of common leather

by:JIYALI     2021-06-24

Vegetable tanned leather and leather are two materials that are often used on bags. Both of these materials are particularly popular and are often used for comparison. The following editor on No.5 will tell you which is better, vegetable tanned leather or leather?

Which is better between vegetable tanned leather and leather?

In terms of price and grade, vegetable tanned leather and leather must be better and more expensive, but in terms of texture, vegetable tanned leather should be more durable. Living time experience requires more maintenance than leather, so which one is better depends on everyone's needs for wallets.

Vegetable tanned leather will naturally change color after exposure to sunlight and use. This is because vegetable tanned leather is tanned with vegetable tannins, which will turn into reddish brown or brown after oxidation. Therefore, the primary color vegetable tanned leather is light beige or light beige at first, and then it will gradually become yellowish brown or brownish red. It can also be understood that honey is added to the primary color, and it has its flavor in various stages.

Does vegetable tanned leather need to be oiled?

Generally speaking, I use oil-rich leather. When do I need to replenish oil? Generally speaking, I feel it. When it feels dry.

Animal oils are generally used to supplement oils, such as horn oil, horse oil and mink oil. Cow horn oil discolors the fastest and horse oil absorbs best. However, we generally recommend using Japanese Columbus mink oil, because mink oil not only discolors more naturally and smoothly, but also contains a small amount of wax, which can play a role in anti-fouling protection.

Japanese pure mink oil is solidified at room temperature. When using it, wash your hands clean. Dip the oil on the surface of the leather with your fingertips and wipe it lightly in circular motions, or wipe it with a white cotton cloth in circular motions. , So it spreads more evenly. Be careful not to dip too much oil at a time. The oil is absorbed. If it is not absorbed, it will only cover the surface of the leather. If it is stuck with dirt, it will easily contaminate the leather. After oiling, it is best to rub and polish with cotton cloth to wipe off excess grease and increase the gloss at the same time.

Can vegetable tanned leather be cleaned?

It is estimated that many people see leather soap and think that the effect is definitely good. But in fact, I don't recommend taking such a risk. When will it be cleaned? After using it for a long time, the leather becomes dirty and you can't accept it, you can try to clean it. Professional leather soaps are also good, and mild shower gels are also good. But it is generally impossible to clean up dirty places. But the washed water must be dirty. You can't use a hard brush when washing, nor can you wash clothes, unless you want a frosting effect. Let it dry after washing, and be sure not to dry it. The leather has a major characteristic, that is, it is not afraid of heat or water. It is afraid that the two will work at the same time. That is equivalent to being cooked, dried and hardened. After it dries, apply maintenance oil. If you handle it well, you will be more satisfied, but the texture is not as good as before. Mainly it will become harder and duller, but if you use it for a while, the texture should be restored.

Precautions for purchasing vegetable tanned leather

Look at the skin layer: Many businesses have made a bold promise to you: 'It is not a leather goods, fake one loses ten.' This sentence is indeed true, because it is indeed genuine leather, but not the first layer of leather, so he dare not say: 'Not the first layer of leather leather goods, fake one pays ten.' For the sake of competition in the market, 90% are split leather. Because the raw materials of the top leather are more expensive and the profit margin is too small, profit-driven, they sell split leather goods.

Second, recognize the modified leather: leather needs to be sizing, and there is a lot of paper under the sizing. The repair of broken skins has revealed that everyone knows that the price of broken skins is very different from the price of no broken skins. In order to expand profit margins, huge profits are driven by broken skins to cover the domestic market. The residual skin goes through the process of 'remnantBecause it is not a good first layer leather (Lychee pattern leather is our most common kind).

Three identification of leather types: some leather goods are indeed the first layer of leather, and there is no residual leather modification, but it is not the type of leather that should be used. Everyone knows that every skin has its scope of application. Pretending to be a high-end leather with a low-grade leather has a huge profit margin. Driven by huge profits, it will lie to you without discussing it. Many people who call themselves 'experts' will inevitably be fooled.

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