Which is better, a sheepskin bag or a cowhide bag? Is it better to be wrapped in cowhide or sheepskin?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-19

Sheepskin and cowhide are the two most widely used materials in leather bags. Both of these bags are designed to look good, and both are very popular. The following editor on No.5 will tell you which is better, sheepskin bag or cowhide bag? Is it better to be wrapped in cowhide or sheepskin?

Which is better, sheepskin bag or cowhide bag?

Sheepskin bag and cowhide bag are the most popular leather bag materials purchased by MM. Compared with sheepskin, the only disadvantage of cowhide is that it is not soft enough and does not feel like a sheepskin bag. So comfortable; the disadvantage of sheepskin is that it is too soft and delicate, and it is easy to wear. To what extent is the sheepskin bag delicate? Kenneng, you can scratch it directly with a little force, but the same force acts on the cowhide bag, and the cowhide bag is basically fine. Therefore, sheepskin bags and cowhide bags are somewhat different in use. It is generally recommended that the daily use of bags is mainly cowhide bags. Sheepskin bags are suitable for parties, dinners and other occasions that emphasize face projects.

The difference between a cowhide bag and a sheepskin bag

A cowhide bag

A cowhide bag has many advantages. For example, the texture of the cowhide bag is very hard and more durable. Moreover, it is easier to take care of than sheepskin bags, and the surface of cowhide leather bags is also very bright and flat, which looks very beautiful and generous.

Sheepskin bags

Sheepskin bags are also very popular now. The texture of sheepskin bags is relatively soft, and the surface has very natural patterns that look very beautiful, and it is similar to cowhide bags. Compared with sheepskin bags, they are also thinner and more delicate, soft and more natural.


Comparing cowhide bags and sheepskin bags, we will find that the texture of the sheepskin bag is more delicate and the texture is very natural, while the texture of the cowhide bag is very hard, very durable, and looks good. It looks more shiny and gorgeous. Which package is better depends on our specific needs.

How to maintain leather bags

First, when we use leather bags, we must be careful not to be bumped or scratched by sharp or hard objects , In this case, the leather bag is difficult to recover, so we must pay attention to the protection of the leather bag when traveling.

Second, when the leather bag is placed at home, you must choose a good place. It is best to put it in a special place. Don't put it at will, because once the leather bag is pressed out of the wrinkles, it is also very It is difficult to repair, and even if it is repaired, there will be defects.

Third, leather bags should be placed in a cool place as much as possible. When going out, we should also pay attention to avoid exposing your bags to the sun. If the sun is exposed for too long, the leather bags will appear Cracks, everyone must pay attention to this aspect.

Fourth, we need to clean and maintain the leather bags regularly. This is to ensure the beauty of the leather bags. You can use the special care agent for leather bags. You can put on the surface of the leather bag. A layer of care agent will do.

Fifth, when cleaning the leather bag, everyone must pay attention to it. Do not use excessively hard items for cleaning. It is recommended that you can use a soft brush for cleaning, so as not to damage your leather bag. , In addition, clean up along the lines when cleaning.

How to choose a leather bag

Hand touch: Touch the surface of the leather with your hand. If it feels smooth, soft, plump, and elastic, it is real leather; while the surface of synthetic leather is generally artificial It is astringent, rigid, and has poor flexibility.

Seeing: Real leather has clearer hair and patterns, yellow cowhide has relatively well-proportioned fine pores, yak skin has thicker and sparse pores, and goat skin has scaly pores.

Smell: All genuine leather has the smell of leather; and artificial leather has a strong irritating plastic smell.

Ignite: Tear off a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather. After lighting, all that emits a pungent odor and lumps are artificial leather; all that emits a hair odor without hard lumps are genuine leather.

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