Which country's brand is Samsonite? What brands does Samsonite have?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-26

In today's fierce competition in the luggage market, in addition to the long-lasting luxury brands such as lv and gucci, Samsonite is also a relatively good brand. So, which country's brand is Samsonite? What brands does Samsonite have?

Which country's brand is Samsonite?

Samsonite is a luggage brand in the United States.

Samsonite, a luggage brand with a century-old history and world-renowned. Samsonite is not just a professional suitcase manufacturer, as long as it is a bag, it can be packaged well. Samsonite uses high-tech artificial technology and advanced materials to research and develop new products and redefine durability, versatility, ergonomic design and safety standards.

Brand culture

The company pursues the business philosophy of 'treating others as yourself' and always takes customer satisfaction as its goal. Adhering to the 'people-oriented' design concept and strict quality inspection, its products become a model of the perfect combination of art and technology. As an expert in the field of travel products, it continues to create unique, durable, stylish and comfortable luggage products with the image of a world leader and innovator.

Samsonite's products have been extended to three major areas, namely travel, official documents and leisure, providing travelers all over the world with a comprehensive travel equipment program. In the course of nearly one hundred years of development, as a leader and pioneer in the luggage industry, Samsonite has been committed to providing comfortable and reliable high-quality innovative products for travelers around the world. With its excellent and outstanding product quality, design style synchronized with the times, thoughtful practicality and reliability, and perfect after-sales service, Samsonite has won the love and recognition of consumers all over the world.

's products

The uses of Samsonite luggage cover travel, official documents, leisure and children. People can find what they need from Samsonite products whether they travel long or short distances. In 1999, Samsonite began to enter the fashion industry. Prada designers were invited. The bags under the well-known French brand Lacoste were also designed and produced by Samsonite. Samsonite has six major series: the black label Vintage series is noble and elegant, which is the best of the brand; the Casual series has fluorescent colors, black dots and frosted silver, etc., winning with bright colors; BusinessCase is based on deep Color-based hard box briefcase; Travel is a travel bag with various compartments, made of fiber, without weight burden; American Tourister is mainly a cheap suitcase for young people and their families; Sammies is a travel for children Small backpacks have cute shapes.

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