Which country's brand is Miu Miu and what grade is Miu Miu?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-19

Miu Miu, also called miu miu, belongs to a brand series under the famous luxury brand Prada, taking a young and lively route. So, which country's brand is Miu Miu? What grade is Miao Miao?

Which country's brand is Miao Miao?


Miu Miu has always brought refreshing breakthroughs in the fashion industry with his bold and innovative and individualistic style.

In the beginning, it was still very simple, and it can even be said to be contrary to fashion. However, Miuccia Prada still adopts a contradictory design style: natural materials that look like synthetic fibers are used, and there is a world of difference between ugliness and beauty. Over the years, the theme series and color patterns have been continuously added, and the continuity of the fashion has been created among the diversified styles, and Miu Miu has gradually risen in the industry.

Miu Miu debuted in Paris in 2006, and fashion-style clothing has begun to attract attention. Proficient in the way of fitting and building, with unique insight, and delicate and innovative tailoring, Miu Miu's clothing design is complex and elegant, bringing noble elegance and mature and meticulous double meaning to people. Diversified inspirations, deduced masculine and feminine tastes, fusion of nostalgic historical style and the withered feeling abandoned by modern times, it is pleasantly surprised.


Miu Miu is a few-line brand

first-line brand, but it has been acquired by Prada. Miumiu is a sub-brand of the Italian luxury brand Prada. The price is lower than that of Prada, and its oriented object is also younger than Prada. It is a brand suitable for young women.

International luxury brands

The so-called Xiangjia, Gucci, Hermès counters are just mass-produced ordinary luxury goods (even some styles are not luxury goods). The real luxury products are advanced customization (including clothing, shoes, perfumes, etc.). Brands such as Chanel also have their own advanced customization. However, the real luxury products are often not well-known to the public due to their high prices and are aimed at a very small number of customer groups. Tailored for pure handwork, mass production is not possible. The real high-end customization is gradually dying out in the economic depression. For example, Christian Lacroix has filed for bankruptcy and can no longer release high-end customization or ready-to-wear.

Miao Miao in China counter

Shanghai: IFC, Shanghai Mall

Beijing: Sanlitun North District

Hong Kong: miumiu circle Fang, Harbour City, One Peking Road, Lane Crawford, Lee Garden Two, The Landmark, Sogo Department Store, Pacific Place

Macau: Wynn Boutique Resort, Four Seasons Boutique

Hangzhou : Vientiane City

Shenyang: Vientiane City

Shenzhen: Vientiane City

Guangzhou: Taikoo Hui

Qingdao: Hisense Plaza

Nanjing: Deji Plaza

Chengdu: Yanlord Land Plaza

Tianjin: Galaxy International Shopping Center

Wuxi: Plaza 66

Xi'an: Wangfujing Department Store

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