Which color wallet is the most lucrative in 2017? 2017 Lucky Wallet recommendation

by:JIYALI     2021-07-04

The wallet is not only a representative of fashion, but also can affect our wealth. Today, the editor of No.5 will introduce to you, which color wallet is the most lucrative in 2017? Which color wallet is recommended for 2017?

Which color wallet is the most lucrative in 2017

Yellow: It can attract wealth and is good for fortune, but it is not suitable for people who are avoiding yellow. Please pay attention to it!

Black: Black represents calmness and can hold money, that is Gather money and don't let money lose easily. However, people who are avoiding black are not suitable for use, and it is easy to lose money if they use it.

Coffee color or brown: Coffee color and brown also have the meaning of keeping wealth, and can also gather wealth. Therefore, many leather wallets on the market are mainly based on these two colors.

Recommendation of 2017 Lucky Wallet

1. The strongest Lucky Lucky wallet in 2017 is ANYA HINDMARCH's smiley long wallet with stars!

2, 2017 The Geely direction of the year was North North West (north by northwest), so British brand wallets located in North North West can bring wealth.

3. A wallet with patterns and designs such as stars and snakes that have a very good effect on improving wealth can be taken! And when should I buy a new wallet? You can choose the following auspicious days: 1 /3, 1/27, 1/28, 2/7, 2/19, 2/20.

Small tips for lucky wallet

I often see many friends who randomly put a few foreign banknotes of different colors in the wallet. Saying that you can change your wealth and luck is a way to make your wallet better. It is true that we can change the fortune of wealth by choosing the color of the wallet, and putting five different colors of banknotes in the wallet. First of all, to choose the color of banknotes, it is recommended that you choose five colors: red, yellow, green, purple, and white. Red represents the fire in the five elements, yellow represents the soil in the five elements, green represents the wood in the five elements, the purple band represents the gold in the five elements, and white represents the water in the five elements. In this way, the five elements are complete, so that you can continue to grow and make money. Instead of choosing 5 wallets at random.

Secondly, when choosing a currency country, when choosing a currency, it is best to choose countries in different directions to form five directions. For example, the editor himself chose the yellow RMB 20, which represents the central location. When choosing banknotes at the end, there is no need to care about the face value of the coin, as long as the color and orientation are correct. The most important thing is to choose the storage order according to the nayin of the passing years, such as the lunar calendar 2017, the year of the Dingyou rooster, and the fire under the Nayin Mountain, commonly known as the fire year. Then you need to adjust the storage order of the coins in your wallet. Put the red coins at the forefront, and then put the yellow RMB 20 on the fire soil, and then place the native gold, gold, water, and aquatic wood, so that the five elements grow together.

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