Which color is the best Loewe saddle bag? How to distinguish the true and false Loewe saddle bag

by:JIYALI     2021-07-19

The capacity of Loewe saddle bags is particularly large. Those who like large bags can try this brand of bags. Then which color is good for Loewe saddle bags? How can Loewe saddle bags be distinguished from true and false?

Which color is good for Loewe saddle bag

The color is light brown + brown + light gray. I thought the color matching might be messy, but these three colors are really comfortable together! Loewe saddle bag brown may be It is more suitable for autumn and winter, but it feels good in summer. Both sides of the strap can be adjusted, so there is a lot of room. I feel that the side back looks better than the crossbody. It may also be because the clothes are thicker, the inside is suede, it is divided into two layers, there is a card pocket, and the wallet, mobile phone, key and cosmetics can be put down. The KindlePaperwhite and small film cameras that I care more about can also be put down, so the practicality is still guaranteed.

I still like full leather. There are also several colors for this bag. There are blue and red. The red leather is glossy. I don’t like it. There are light gray and caramel colors. Yes, elephant gray, the color was tangled at the time, and the price was a bit tangled. After all, it costs so much. I originally wanted to start with black, but later recommended the caramel color. The black spring and summer are more dull, and the caramel color looks good. Finally, I started with caramel color, capacity It’s also good enough. I brought an air cushion bb, a lipstick, an oil-absorbent makeup puff, a pack of tissues, a mobile phone, and a few cards that can be inserted but are slightly tight. If the mobile phone is not put in, it will be looser. There are some inside the bag. The small compartment that can hold the card is still very convenient and caring, and the leather is so good that you can't stop touching its hand.

How to distinguish the authenticity of the Loewe saddle bag

1. Look at the leather

The genuine Loewe leather is soft to the touch, and it will appear when you press it lightly with your fingers Emission pattern. Imitations can't make the same leather.

2. Hardware pull card details

There are two things to pay attention to: one is the appearance of the hardware, and the other is the lettering standard of the 'LOEWE' logo. The appearance of the genuine hardware is good in color, clear, smooth, without the slightest unevenness, and there is obviously a protruding line in the middle of the imitation; look at the hardware logo lettering, the lettering of the genuine loewe is very clear, especially the letters 'O

3. Look at the logo embossing

The genuine logo embossing lines are clear and smooth, and there is no obvious recession around the handwriting. At the same time, everyone should pay attention to the inner line of the logo to be thinner , And the lines in the four corners are obviously thicker; and the imitation is obviously wrong, the lines are almost the same size from beginning to end, and there are obvious recesses around them.

4. Look at the line.

The original Loewe line is relatively stable in workmanship compared to other brands. The front line of the genuine product should be slanted for each stitch, and the reverse line is almost straight line. Everyone has seen the Hermes stitching method and thinks that they are all hand-stitched. Now the fake diagonal stitches can be imitated even with a machine. They look much more perfect than the original ones. In fact, the all-inclusive stitching will be somewhat smaller. Flaws, don't be too careless, especially using this point to judge true and false is not an important basis. It is enough to meet the basic requirements of the slash.

Yuan Quan's same LOEWE saddle bag

oewe Gate Bag saddle bag, classic saddle shape, front bow strap with rounded edge design, retro and smart, frosted inside, compartment design , Size: 20*11.5*19CM, can be used as a messenger bag and shoulder bag. It is made of exquisite imported calfskin, with a soft and delicate touch, and the retro shape of the body is very spiritual. It is no longer rigid and rigid. The design of the front crossed bows highlights a girl's heart. Low-key and mid-level luxury may be the best interpretation of fashion by the luxury brand of LOEWE. The beauty of the temperament, Yuan Quan, has 'planted grass' in the 18-year LOEWE new release conference and various fashion blockbusters. In terms of clothing collocation, it is recommended to choose casual sports styles, and the colors are best to have contrasting colors and the most reasonable.

How does the Loewe Saddle Bag look?

The overall appearance looks very individual and creative. Especially there is a mortise lock design on the side like a door, which gives it the name 'gate'. The two small belts on the front of the bag are tied together, which seems to be able to tell everyone: gatebag is different from others! It not only plays an aesthetic role, but also improves the safety factor. The exterior design is a bit retro, with the taste of a saddle bag, easy to use, and good practicability.

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