Which brands of pockets are good? Tips for matching pockets

by:JIYALI     2021-07-04

The waist bag is a very retro single product, but the waist bag has always been popular, and it has been liked by many men and women. So which brand of waist bag is good, and what are the matching skills of the waist bag.

Which brands of waist bags are good?

1, Gucci

Gucci's spring/summer 2018 waist bag design follows the classic design, using ultra-wide belts with GGSupreme patterns and classic webbing details to identify The degree is super high, hanging in the middle of the front, I believe it will become the new season Super In's pocket use method.

2, Prada

Prada2018 spring and summer waist bag is the opposite of Gucci, hanging the waist bag in the middle of the back! It is made of nylon material commonly used by Prada , With the classic inverted triangle Logo, and use bright colors to embellish the zipper head and the closure. Prada's new belt bag also solves the problem that most belt bags cannot be 'fitted

3, Valentino

Valentino also joined the waist bag army this time and designed a variety of waist bags. This waist bag in the early spring series is designed with Valentino’s classic Rockstud rivets. The lively colors and contrasting rivets make people fall in love at a glance; and another one with a belt and a shoulder appeared in the spring and summer show. The brand new waist bag has a very high anti-robbing index. If the shoulder strap and waist belt can be detached separately and can be used as a waist bag or as a messenger bag, then this new bag is very practical.

4, Balenciaga

Balenciaga's new waist bag in the 2018 spring and summer series uses a full-body logo print design, and also shows everyone another back method of the waist bag, that is, diagonal Slung on the shoulder. Although this belt bag is too much like the same style as the conductor in everyone's impression, but with the blessing of Balenciaga's god-level halo, I believe it must be a hot style.

Tips for matching waist bag

1, matching suit

A set of striped suit messenger bag, plus big oil head and retro sunglasses, just like from an old movie Come out, 'Big Brother' is full of style!

2, matching jumpsuits

Actually, it’s really not that difficult to put up a waist bag, especially with a capable solid color one-piece Put the pants together, a striking bag can make your look more colorful!

3. Pair with jeans

The waist bag is a retro-looking single product You don’t have to think about it when you pair it with jeans. It can even be used directly as a belt.

4. Matching skirts

In addition to playing with all kinds of trousers, the ability of waist bags to match skirts is not a problem. Put the waist bag behind you, and pair the pearl button cardigan with a ruffled skirt. When the front shape is rich enough, you can turn the bag to the back, playful and cute.

How does the waist bag look good on the back

1. The middle of the waist

The middle of the waist is mounted like this, which is a good case, but The bag in the middle of the waist must be a classic among the classics, and the bag must be of a moderate size, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to hang in the middle.

2. The side of the waist

It can also be carried on the side of the waist like this, which is also a good choice. The effect of holding the pipa half-hidden is looming, low-key and fashionable.

3, straddling the shoulders

The waist newspaper that straddles the chest diagonally acts as an accessory. However, it should be noted that this way of dressing is to avoid wearing necklaces as much as possible.

How to maintain the bag

1. Be careful not to get the leather bag wet. If it gets wet, use a towel to absorb the moisture. Keep the leather dry to prevent the leather bag from wrinkling. skin.

2, in the process of using leather bags, please be careful not to throw them away, and place them in a place that is not easy to scratch. If you throw away the bag at will, it will be easy to scratch the bag.

3. Be careful not to put the leather bag in a high-temperature place or be exposed to the sun. After the leather bag is placed in a high-temperature place for a long time or exposed to the sun, it will be counted as the leather surface, causing the color and the skin to burst.

4. Keep the frosted leather bag clean and don’t let the leather surface stained with dirt. Once there is dirt, it must be cleaned in time, otherwise the long-term dirt on the leather surface will corrode the skin. It is difficult to remove the dirt.

5. We all know that leather shoes should be treated with shoe polish on a regular basis. Leather bags also need care. We can use the moisturizing skin care products we usually use to clean the bags and apply them on the leather surface. Maintain the leather surface.

6. When cleaning and wiping the leather bag, be careful not to use a rough cloth. You can use the cotton or paper towel that you usually use to remove makeup and wipe the toner, so as to reduce the damage to the leather surface.

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