Whether the messenger bag is on the left or right depends on personal habits

by:JIYALI     2021-06-26

Which side of the messenger bag is on the back is not strictly emphasized. It mainly depends on personal habits. I usually carry it on which side I am accustomed to. This has no effect.

Whether the messenger bag is back on the left or on the right

It depends mainly on your usual habits. There is no strict rule on which side you must carry on.

In fact, there are more cases where this kind of bag is carried on the right side. It would be inconvenient to say that the bag is on the left, but it will not be the case on the right. Should the shoulder bag carry the left side or the right side? Some girls usually like to carry the bag on the left side. Although there will be no difference in the overall design, the feeling will be particularly awkward. Should the shoulder bag carry the left side or the right side? So, generally speaking, it is better to carry the bag on the right side, and it will not make people feel very different.

Which position of the crossbody bag is good?

1: The large square bag is best to be crossbody at the waist.

2: The small square bag is best worn cross-body above the waist.

3: The crescent shape of the bag is very unique, of course, it is more eye-catching to carry.

4: The main function of a small fashion bag is to carry it by hand, and the shoulder-back of a fashion bag with a large shape is most suitable.

How to match the messenger bag

The messenger bag is quite common among young girls. The messenger bag is more natural. This kind of candy bag is very individual, and it is very individual in the Canvas Republic. The design is more casual to match up. Both cute girls and girls who love cute things can choose this cute bag. You can match denim in spring and dress in summer, with a slightly darker base shirt. Very stylish and very small woman's fan, clean colors are also easy to match with clothes.

In fact, this kind of bag can generally be carried on the body. This is the most popular backpack, mainly because it is easy to use. As long as the collocation is impeccable, if the color is bright, you can match it with a pair of jeans and a shirt, which is very suitable for white-collar collocation. If it is lighter, you can try the cute pink collocation, which is in the Canvas Republic Most female bags are designed with more individuality and rich in colors, which are very suitable for young people's fashion aesthetics.

Crossbody bag maintenance method

1. The best cleaning and maintenance method for ordinary leather bags is to remove dust and then use special cleaning oil to remove dirt and wrinkles. Secondly, dip the special oil of the leather bag on the cloth, lightly apply it on the bag, and then rub the cloth on the bag hard, but don't apply too much detergent to avoid discoloring the bag or contaminating the clothes.

2, the skin is to show the original flavor, it is best to use its special ointment, if unfortunately, it can be stained with dirt, you can use a wet towel to carefully remove it.

3. The suede is deerskin, suede, etc. brand handbags, it is best to use a soft animal brush to remove.

4. Patent leather is prone to cracks, so you must be very careful when using it. Usually, you only need to wipe it with a soft cloth like a handkerchief. If there are cracks in the leather bag, you can use a cloth to moisten it with a little special grease, and then wipe it gently.

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