Where to buy Bulgari Qixi limited edition bags? Gifts that poke girls' hearts

by:JIYALI     2021-07-01

Bvlgari's limited edition bag launched by Qixi Festival this year is very attractive. The two colors, one pink and one white, are super girly. They are especially good-looking when used on the classic snake head bag. Then this Bulgari Where can I buy the Qixi limited bag?

Where to buy Bulgari Qixi limited edition bags

Bvlgari 2018 Qixi limited edition bags can now be ordered at counters and on the official website. Because it is the Qixi Festival, it is only available in mainland China and Macau. It can only be purchased in Bulgari's official online boutique. The little fairy you like hurry up to buy it!

'Serpenti inLove-flamingo powder' Tanabata limited flap shoulder bag and fine twill silk scarf accessories set will be available online for exclusive surprise pre-sale, and another set of Tanabata limited pink flap shoulder bag The bag and calfskin bracelet accessory set will also be on sale offline from August 1. Bulgari's two Qixi limited bags not only have the meaning of love, but also the styles and colors are very well matched. There is no problem in going out on the street every day. It really allows you to keep your love by your side all the time!

Recommendation of Bulgari Tanabata Limited Bags

Bulgari, a luxury brand known for jewelry, not only has good-looking jewelry, but also a bag that has been sold for a long time since its launch. The classic style, the design is inspired by the snake head bag of the snake. The classic style is not only a fashion star, but also many good-looking limited styles have been launched in the past two years, which are also highly praised. But this year's newly launched Qixi Festival limited edition is simply poke the girl's heart, and the United States cried. The white organ model is equipped with ice cream ornaments, and there is a pink silk scarf in the gift box, which is simply a girl's heart burst. The pink one is a single layer without handle, the ornaments are white ice cream, and the gift box is matched with a pink ice cream bracelet. The beauty is crying.

Bvlgari Qixi limited edition bag evaluation

Soon it will be the Seventh (abusive) eve (dog) festival again. Yesterday I swiped the vibrato and suddenly saw a very delicate The Bulgari box is said to be a flamingo powder model. I checked it on the official website and was fascinated. I was planted in a grassland because I accidentally saw his Qixi limited series.

The limited set is made up of the 'Serpenti inLove-flamingo pink' Tanabata limited flap shoulder bag and bracelet. This bracelet is made of calfskin, which happens to be the perfect accessory for bags. The pink snake and ice cream accompany each other, look at each other warmly, and kiss gently, and the love will overflow the screen. By the way, this super cute ice cream was inspired by Bvlgari’s BVLGARIGelati jewellery, which was promoted by Bulgari this summer. It's like a delicious dessert, just looking at it will make you feel better. With such a high face value, it must be another series of slow hands.

How to care for Bulgari Tanabata bags

1. Do not expose furniture that stores leather products in the sun, as it will cause the leather to dry, crack and fade.

2. The surface of high-quality leather goods inevitably has slight scars, which can be reduced by the warmth and grease of the hands.

3. If the leather is accidentally exposed to rain, the water droplets must be wiped dry and then placed in a ventilated and cool place to air dry. Never use fire to dry or explode in the sun.

4. For hardware maintenance on leather goods, wipe it with a dry cloth after use. If it is slightly oxidized, try using flour or toothpaste to gently wipe the hardware.

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