Where are the leather processing plants mainly concentrated?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-15
my country is a big producer of leather goods. Every year, many customers from various countries come to China to choose or customize leather products. Domestic leather goods factories are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Hebei, Zhejiang and other regions and also have a small number of distribution in other provinces. Among them, leather goods processing plants are particularly prominent.

Leather processing factories are relatively well-known in my country, and for regional manufacturers, they are divided into two areas, Baiyun District and Huadu District. Huadu District is mainly concentrated in Shiling Town, Huadu. It is mainly made of two-layer leather, PU, u200bu200band microfiber, and also produces first-layer cowhide leather products. The first choice for processing low-end leather goods and luggage products! In the Baiyun District, Junhe, Jiahe, Nanling, Qinghu, Changhong, etc., mainly produce mid-to-high-end leather goods as the leading industry. The varieties produced include men's and women's large bags, handbags, wallets, card bags, accessories, belts, etc. !

The leather processing factory JIYALI is located in Junhe, Baiyun District. It is a manufacturer specializing in customization and processing of high-end leather products. At present, it has 16 years of leather customization and processing. We have also cooperated with many high-end leather goods brands at home and abroad. We are trustworthy!

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