What to do if the bag is deformed? What to do if the bag is wrinkled

by:JIYALI     2021-07-07

If the leather bag is not maintained for a long time, wrinkles will appear, and the more serious will be deformed. What should I do if the bag is deformed? What should I do if the bag has wrinkles? Let's take a look at the next two.

What to do if the bag is deformed

1. Spray a thin layer of soapy water on the deformed part first, wait for the water to penetrate into the leather, and then support the leather product from the inside.

2. Then spray the fatliquor emulsion again. After a period of time, the leather will unfold naturally and return to its original shape.

What to do if the bag has wrinkles

1. You can spray filler emulsion (egg white is a kind of protein filler) on the wrinkles, and then spray reagents to fix it.

2. If the crack is large, you can fill the crack with paraffin wax, then iron it with an iron at low temperature, and then spray the reagent to fix it.

How to recover from deformation of a handbag under compression

1. Take some newspapers in the bag and hold it up. Remember to hold it up a little bit. Naturally, a bag that is deformed under pressure may be placed for a period of time. Will be restored.

2. If none of the above methods work, you can go to a professional leather maintenance place or go to the place where you bought the bag. You should do a maintenance first, and let the professional help you restore your beloved bag.

Which bag is good in winter?

1. Black handbag

The black bag is the most versatile and can be matched with various styles and colors In winter, you can carry a simple and generous bag, which is very suitable with overcoats and down jackets.

2, brown shoulder bag

The brown series of single products are very suitable for autumn and winter. This brown handbag is portable and can be carried on the shoulder, and the big bag is the last two A very popular style in the year, it is very suitable for matching with dark winter clothes.

3. Suede shoulder bag

The temperature in winter is relatively low, and we always like some warm things, so suede bags have become very popular items. You can choose the color of the velvet bread according to the clothes, and the back is very textured.

4. Contrasting color crossbody bag

The contrast color series of bags are popular in recent years. In winter, you can carry a brown and coffee color contrast crossbody bag. The color is not very obtrusive, and it can achieve a non-boring effect with winter clothes.

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