What to do if the bag chain is rusty What to do if the bag chain is rusty

by:JIYALI     2021-07-06

Some chain bags are more prone to rust, and sometimes even the zipper will rust. Rusty chains always affect the appearance of the bag. Let’s take a look at what to do if the bag chain is rusty. .

How to deal with the rust of the bag chain

You can use the lemon rust removal method to squeeze the fresh lemon into juice, and then apply it to the rusty area, wait until the rust is removed, and then wash it with water . You can also use yogurt to remove rust. Soak the rusty area with water, then apply yogurt on it, and then wash it off with soap.

How to deal with the rust of the bag chain

1. First, pour a few drops of Fengyoujing into the container. The organic solvent in Fengyoujing can dissolve the rust from solid to Liquid.

2. Pour in an appropriate amount of white wine, the alcohol contained in it can remove rust.

3. Pour in an appropriate amount of baking soda, which is absorbent and can absorb rust.

4. Finally, add water and stir evenly.

5. Dip an appropriate amount of mixture with a rag.

6. Wipe the rusty leather bag chain.

What to do if the bag zipper can't be pulled up

1. It can't be closed because the zipper pulls are a little loose on both sides. Use pliers to gently clamp both sides. Up.

2. If the clip is too tight and does not pull up smoothly, use a candle to lightly polish the chains on both sides.

3. It is okay if you only change the zipper puller. Just find one that matches the size.

What to do if the bag chain is broken

1. Send it to the shop where you bought the bag for repair. The store has a complete range of accessories, just to change an accessory, very quickly, and there is no trace.

2, just find a place where there is a welder, and solder the broken part with a similar color. It's so fast and cheap, but it's not as thin as the original, and it may damage the package if the welder is not paying attention.

3, DIY method. Thread the fishing line through the small hole, and then pass it into the loop of the chain port. Make a few more turns, then close the knot, use a lighter to melt, press flat, and use a knife or nail clippers to remove the black spots and protrusions on the fire. This method is only an emergency, the function is still there, and the appearance is not guaranteed.

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