What styles of men's mobile phone bags are there? What kind of mobile phone bags for boys look good

by:JIYALI     2021-07-26

Nowadays, many boys will prepare a small mobile phone bag to carry when they go out, which is convenient and fashionable, and now many mobile phone bags have good design styles. The editor below will recommend a few nice mobile phones Pack it.

Casual style double zipper mobile phone bag

This mobile phone bag is specially made of Oxford cloth fabric. This fabric comes with waterproof performance, so even if it is rainy, there is a mobile phone inside the bag, so you don’t have to be afraid that the phone will get wet . Although the bag body is relatively small, there are a lot of things that can be loaded, including mobile phones, mobile power supplies and a small amount of cosmetics. It has three independent storage spaces inside, combined with the double zipper design, so that you can rationally arrange the It is also very convenient to use.

Casual mobile phone pocket

Compared with the mobile phone bag above, this one is more three-dimensional. Its front pocket can be opened, and it can support card insertion when it is not opened. Function to protect the body, but also effective anti-theft. It can not only hold the daily necessities in the mobile phone, camera and sunglasses, but also has the function of hanging the key. It is really convenient and worry-free to go out. What I like more is its shoulder strap, which can be disassembled and the length can be adjusted, which can bring you a more fitting experience.

Black mini mobile phone bag

The black mobile phone bag is a more classic all-match model, it is made of nylon fabric, its texture is more wear-resistant, and has a certain crispness. It is not easy to deform during use. There are multiple compartments inside the bag, which can hold daily necessities such as mobile phones, power banks, passports and keys at the same time, and because of the compartment design, they will not affect each other. In addition, it also comes with a special headphone position design, which is more convenient for listening to concerts, while protecting the headphones. This design is really too user-friendly!

This The three mobile phone bags are very suitable for boys to use when going out.

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