What styles of men's leather bags look good What kind of men's leather bags are popular this year

by:JIYALI     2021-07-26

Nowadays, many boys choose to carry a bag when they go out. This is not only more convenient when carrying things, but also looks more fashionable in matching. So what are the popular styles of men's leather bags this year?

The messenger bag

The simple and clean lines depict the orthodox rectangular bag style. The three-dimensional main bag adds three-dimensional front pockets to increase storage space while also highlighting the level of modeling. The old dark brown tone seems to have gone through the baptism of the years, revealing a sense of nostalgia and retro, intriguing.

Tote travel bag

This travel bag is made of 100% top-layer vegetable tanned cowhide, with a strong and durable surface. The design adopts European and American simple and fashionable style, and has a tough and trendy feel unique to men. The horizontal cylinder design makes the inner compartments not easy to disperse on their own. It protects the internal items very well. The fabric is soft and comfortable, and it is very stylish. The double buckle on the surface of the bag is closed for decoration, safe and anti-theft, and full of vitality.


The bag shape is cut into a regular square, the slightly delicate style looks very beautiful and generous, and the inner capacity meets the daily induction needs, and the bag mouth is spliced The metal zipper is safe and durable, enhancing the overall practicality. The exquisite leather stitching of the bag mouth and the embossed logo of the brand logo are inlaid on it, breaking the singleness of pure color, adding visual highlights and improving recognition.

These three styles of leather bags are very beautiful, I recommend them to everyone!

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