What style of plastic transparent bag looks good? Transparent plastic bag style recommendation

by:JIYALI     2021-07-04

This year, this kind of transparent plastic bag made of pvc is very popular. Several luxury brands have also launched this type of bag, and they are selling very well. This style of bag will be sold out on the street. Appears special and individual. The following editor on No. 5 will tell you what style of plastic transparent bag looks good?

Transparent plastic bag

Transparent plastic bag is the most common type of bag seen in street photography. It often wins by relying on the black print on the bag body, advocating minimalism. The transparency of the bag can make cluttered small objects be covered with a 'fashionable' logo, which is inexplicably compatible with various fashion elements, and the texture is naturally self-evident.

Advocating minimalism, the PVC of this transparent plastic bag looks very transparent, and the body of the bag is supplemented by a black brand logo as decoration, which not only highlights the brand recognition , Which gives more design highlights to the whole.

Transparent ring bag

The transparent ring bag, the collision of old and new popular elements, makes the futuristic sense of science and technology that comes with the PVC material more elegant, and it is real when you carry it. Hin hipster. And this bag type is often combined with the current bag-in-bag design, even if the contents of the bag are messy, you will not see it, and the lazy cancer patient will carry it on his back!

PVC The transparent bucket bag has a built-in wavy drawstring woven pouch, which not only improves the recognition of the bag, but also helps you keep the secret of the bag. Moreover, the ring handle of the bag is of natural wood color, which injects a bit of light retro style into the whole.

Transparent messenger bag

Transparent messenger bag is also a type of bag that has been badly played by fashion bloggers on ins, especially the style with handle, which allows you to switch the backpack mode at will. Whether it's hand-carried or slung on one shoulder, it's fashionable. If you want to emphasize the breath of summer, you can also choose the bag-in-bag style in candy colors.

A crossbody bag designed in the bag in the bag, the edge and the shoulder strap are spliced u200bu200bwith candy-colored leather, which not only shapes the bag shape but also emphasizes the minimalist lines, and the built-in small bag It is also very recognizable. If the color is too mixed, you can also take out the inner bag.

If there is not a transparent plastic bag this year, it will definitely be out. These different styles of bags above are all worth buying. Do you like them?

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