What style of mini bag looks good? The fashionistas are carrying it

by:JIYALI     2021-07-17

Many girls like mini bags in spring and summer. This style of bag is very compact on the back, it will look more delicate, and it is also a good match for clothes. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what styles of mini bags are good-looking?

Mini Wing Bag

Not only is it terrible to hit the shirt, but it is also a very embarrassing thing to hit the bag. I don’t like ordinary bags. This mini wing bag is definitely your dish. The sides of the bag are outwards. The expanded wings look very interesting, and the minisize makes the whole bag more attractive.

In addition to the wing ears on both sides of this mini wing bag, the metal buckle of the bag is also very attractive. With the shape of love, I believe that many girls have no resistance. , Love at first sight, the handles and shoulder straps of this bag have a different pattern from the body, which is more fashionable.

Mini square bag

Then is the mini square bag. This kind of small bag has always been a style that girls love very much. The line is very simple, so it is matched The above is more casual, don't worry about stealing the limelight of the clothes, it is very atmospheric and practical.

This kind of bag with a big lock is also very popular this year. It is a highlight of the bag. The simple design makes the bag look very It’s elegant, and it’s very generous to memorize it during the spring and summer festivals.

Bucket-type mini bag

Finally, there is a bucket bag. When it comes to bucket bags, many people think of them as larger styles, which look very heavy. In fact, there are also bucket bags. The mini version is super playful. And the mini bucket bag is one of the larger ones in the mini bag, which is very practical.

This mini bucket bag has a special three-dimensional shape without complicated decoration. The color and hardware give people a strong sense of retro. The shape of the body design is also very special, very attractive.

After reading these mini bags recommended by the editor, do you like them very much? The long back of a large bag will be very cumbersome, and occasionally you have to change it.

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