What style of bag is suitable for white-collar workers? Classic handbags are coming

by:JIYALI     2021-07-24

Many people have to carry a lot of things when they go to work. The small bags commonly used for dating are not very suitable. It is very inconvenient to carry them. I believe many white-collar workers are looking for a bag that is most suitable for work. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what styles of bags are suitable for white-collar workers?

Boston bag

The first thing to recommend to office workers is the Boston bag. The biggest feature of this type of bag is its large capacity and a very stiff feeling. It can hold your files and tablets. , Judging from the appearance, it feels as if anything can be stuffed in. And this bag type is also very suitable for office workers, not too fancy, very textured.

This solid-color Boston bag has a very ol-like feeling. It is absolutely super cool with a set of ol-style professional wear. This bag is also very practical, except It's also a great choice to go to work and go out to play on your back. The hardware and the color of the body collide, which is very classic and fashionable.

Small square bag

Next is the small square bag that many young girls like. This bag is suitable for girls who have just entered the workplace, and blingbling can bring a little bit to work life. The same feeling, and this type of small square bag is also very good with clothes. If you don't bring a lot of files and computers every day, the capacity of the small square bag is definitely enough.

Bring you a small cream-colored square bag. The color of this bag looks particularly gentle. It can be carried all year round, and the color is mixed. The design does not make the bag look too boring. This relatively low-key color looks very good no matter what it is paired with.

Bucket bag

The last is the bucket bag. I always think that the bucket bag is the most suitable style for work. The large capacity will definitely give you peace of mind, and the versatile style is also Don't worry, if you don't know what bag to carry to work, then choose a black bucket bag, which can definitely be matched with any style of clothes.

This solid-color bucket bag looks particularly large in capacity, and the top of the bag body is also a very simple design, which will not make your collocation look messy. And on the shoulder strap is a more jumping orange, making the bag instantly interesting. In addition, the anti-theft of this bag is also very good, so you can go out with confidence.

Every white-collar MM, after reading these bags recommended by the editor, do you like them? No more headaches and bags to go to work in the future!

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