What style of backpack looks good? Backpack popular style recommendation

by:JIYALI     2021-07-05

Although there are not many girls carrying backpacks, it is much more convenient to carry a backpack when traveling, and now many backpack styles are made particularly good-looking. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what styles of backpacks look good?

Canvas backpack

Rectangular style, with multiple compartments, summer wear, sunscreen clothing, water bottle, etc. can be put down one by one. The surface is made of pure cotton, the fabric is flat and stylish, and feels dry and comfortable without the roughness of canvas. The sponge padding inside the shoulder strap is full, soft and comfortable. The three colors are fresh and generous, with hundreds of collocations.

This is a very Japanese bag. It has a textured cotton fabric with vertical stripes, and it is easy to use by pulling it tightly. The buttons on the bag are made of customized military hardware materials, which will not fade after long-term use, and the quality is extremely high. The sides are tightly sealed, and the crimping stitches are small, with a sense of quality. The two wrapping lines of the wrapping surface are filled with a sense of design.

Leather backpack

Such mini square bags can be seen everywhere in the past two years, and there are them in all streets and alleys. This backpack incorporates rivet elements, and rivets of different sizes add a three-dimensional effect to the whole. The adjustable shoulder strap is convenient for different objects to carry. The wide shoulder straps of soft material reduce the stress on the shoulders and increase the comfort.

What is similar to the above bag is that it is also a small square mini backpack. The top layer of cowhide on the body is made of patent leather, which looks brighter. The difference from artificial leather is that it feels softer and not so stiff. The oranges and stomata distributed on the front make the bag look less plain.

Contrast color backpack

A nylon lattice backpack with European style. It is inevitable that traveling with a full leather bag will be too formal, and it is not suitable for leisure occasions such as traveling. Therefore, this bag is made of nylon, which is easier to take care of than a cowhide bag, and you don't need to take care of it too carefully. The checkered pattern is simple and generous, and you can carry it any way you want.

This bag can be summed up with the following words: niche and high-end. The sequins that are generally used on clothes are used on bags, which are eye-catching but not dazzling. The full letters are absolutely inseparable from the street elements. The part that fits the back is made of first layer cowhide, with clear texture, soft and sensual, and it will not reduce the comfort after a long time.

The above several different styles of backpacks are super beautiful, these bags can be controlled by girls of different styles, everyone, hurry up Go buy it!

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