What small square bag looks good in summer What color bag is suitable for carrying in summer

by:JIYALI     2021-07-03

The color of the bag on the back in summer needs to be brighter. It should be more compatible with summer. There are many colors that are big in summer. The small square bag is one of the choices in summer. Let’s take a look at what small side to carry in summer. The bag looks good.

What kind of small square bag looks good on summer

1. Embroidered chain small square bag

The embroidered chain small square bag, with contrasting straps, echoes the white body of the bag. The small square bag full of fashion sense of chain, can be hand-held or single-shoulder, a little box shape, no matter what the back looks good.

2. Handbag mini square bag summer shoulder bag female bag

Handbag mini square bag summer shoulder bag female bag, fashionable and exquisite simple appearance, all-match fashion The bag, the exquisite version, is very beautiful, with classic and versatile old colors, and the upper body has a very good cross-body effect.

3. Korean version of the small square bag

Korean version of the all-match small square bag, so whether you usually carry it on your back at work or when you go shopping, this small square bag is more fashionable than the Korean version , There is no sense of violation.

4. Small square bag, chain messenger bag, mini bag

I like the bag. It contains a mobile phone, keys, and the beauties who like to eat. It is very light and looks great when worn cross-body. , There is a mezzanine where you can put some change. It’s just right, so hurry up.

What color bag is suitable for carrying in summer?

1. Lemon yellow small square bag

Although the small square bag is not very eye-catching, if the color is chosen correctly, It can still attract many people, such as the lemon yellow small square bag, which instantly makes people feel full of vitality and full of modern flavor.

2, small black square bag

I have to mention the small black square bag, because it is really versatile, no matter which color pants and skirts are matched, it will not look too low. And it can also reflect the characteristics of the clothes.

3. Pink small square bag

The pink and tender small bag, carrying a new height, can be beautiful if it is paired with a flowing skirt, plus a small white outer cover, it is really beautiful.

4. Red small square bag

The passionate red, not all MM loves it, but it is very eye-catching and can instantly attract the attention of others, so choose Xiaofang The bag may wish to consider red.

What kind of bag is suitable for summer

1. Smiley face bag

The smiley face bag, as its name implies, is a bag that looks like a smiley face. It uses a lot The design of patchwork makes the whole bag different from other bags, and adds a lot of design considerations.

2. Kelly bag

The highlight of the design of the Kelly bag is that there is a lock, which embellishes the entire body of the bag, making the Kelly bag look simple and generous sense. And it has a large capacity, which can store the things we need to carry daily, which is very suitable for elegant girls.

3. Small square bag

Since a small square bag appeared in Ode to Joy, the small square bag has basically been sold out of stock in stores! Because it is really It's so versatile, whether you are in a cool and handsome Yujie style today, or a sweet and fresh little loli, or an elegant OL, it can help you hold your stay perfectly.

4. Bacchus bag

The Bacchus bag is a very stylish and classic bag. The shape and style are perfect. The only drawback is that it is a bit It is heavy, and the shoulders will be a little sore after a long back

5, waist bag

The waist bag is simply an exclusive bag for a fashionable girl. It can make you a cool street girl in one second. It is very suitable for the concave shape when we usually go out on the street, and it is also very practical. Don't look at the small one, but our lipstick, powder, and mobile phone are enough.

Recommended bags for girls off the shelves

1. Straw bags.

The straw woven bag is a popular bag in summer. Whether it’s usually going out shopping, traveling or vacationing, a straw woven bag is really too practical. It can not only hold the things we must go out, but also It is also very suitable for taking pictures with concave shapes.

2, mini shoulder bag.

In summer, backpacks like to carry lighter and more practical ones. This mini-shoulder bag can not only hold the things we need to take when going out, but also is very light and easy to match with clothes.

3, mini backpack.

The mini backpack is also very suitable for carrying in summer. It is very convenient and can hold things. You can install sunscreen umbrellas, sunscreen cream, lipstick, and wallets when you go out in summer, and it can also free your hands.

4. Personalized pockets.

The waist bag is a very personalized bag. If you don’t have a lot of things to take when you go out, you can choose a good-looking waist bag, which can hold some essential items and a concave shape. It is simply fashionable. Must.

5. Chain bag.

We usually carry more chain bags. The design of the chain adds a metallic texture to the bag, which makes the bag look more fashionable. In summer, a simple and generous chain bag is also very useful. It's suitable.

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