What should I put in my summer bag

by:JIYALI     2021-07-03

If a suit is a man's armor, then a bag should be a woman's heart. Everyone’s favorite bag is different. There are people who want to use a small bag to recite the cold feel of Gothic movies. Some people learn from the bloggers in street photography to use the bag as a sharp tool to enhance the sense of style. . But no matter what the bag or the back method, these cosmetic tools must not be missing!

What should be put in the summer bag

1, sunscreen

Summer is the season of high ultraviolet rays. If you are not careful, you don’t even need to do the “tanning” beauty project, and you will actually become a little black cat. However, whiteness is the standard we believe in. A sunscreen standing bag can at least effectively block strong ultraviolet rays. This Dior Nectar Revitalizing Silky Brightening Concealer Sunscreen has an SPF value of up to 30+, which can hide stains and blemishes while sunscreening, providing you with intensive protection for 8 hours a day.

Recommendation for good use: sofina sunscreen

This sunscreen is divided into refreshing type and moisturizing type, refreshing suitable for oily skin, moisturizing suitable for dry skin, I bought the refreshing type Yes, the texture of the correction fluid that needs to be shaken before using it is very refreshing, the water is not greasy at all, there is no special fragrance, it is light and very comfortable, there is a little alcohol, but I have sensitive skin and I have no allergies.

2. Sunglasses

Let’s not say that it is a good thing for sunshading, just its shape is definitely a weapon for dressing up. The classic models include Ray-Ban's pilot models and hiking models, but this year's popular color lens models, wear them, the focus of the crowd is you!

Good use recommendation: both practical and Fashionable sunglasses are a must-have item for summer concave styling. The transparent lens refracts light, which is beautiful and fashionable, showing full personality. The wide lens style perfectly interprets the exquisite accessories that are at the forefront of fashion.

3. Lipstick

'I can't think without lipsticks!', how many fairies is this motto? Because even without foundation, Put a touch of color on your lips, they are still shiny! Even if you stay up late the night before and code the PPT the next day, you will still be a delicate girl in the eyes of others; dating a boyfriend, do not make up to please each other, Just because you love yourself and pay attention to whether your status is full, a small lipstick in your bag can help you a lot.

Recommendation: KIKO lipstick lipstick

Smooth and long-lasting coloration, it is very smooth on the mouth, it feels in one go, and the staying power is very good. It seems to give the lips a full and sexy tension, very bright and moving. This lipstick has multiple colors to choose from, giving you a bright color feast.

4. Perfume

Under normal circumstances, many girls don’t carry perfume in their bags. They think that just spray once before going out. . But as innocent as you guys, don’t you know that there are high temperatures in the world in summer, Japanese yakiniku for dinner, etc.... Doesn’t it make you unable to make Xiangxiang girl’s things all the time? So, how can you love your own girl in your bag? There is no perfume.

Recommendation of useful items: Givenchy Bear Eau de Toilette

The pure and natural scent of Baby Bear Eau de Toilette is a nostalgia for childhood. Full of floral and fruity scent. The simple and elegant bottle design with pale sky blue and white makes this perfume even more distinctive, especially suitable for summer!

Haha, how dare you go out without dressing up artifacts~ right!< /p>

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