What should I do if there are scratches on my wallet? How to remove scratches on the wallet

by:JIYALI     2021-07-16

When the wallet is placed in the bag, it may be accidentally rubbed with other items, causing obvious scratches, which will be particularly ugly. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what to do if there are scratches on the wallet?

What to do if there are scratches on the wallet

In daily life, MMs will get scratches on their wallets if they are not careful. If they are particularly expensive wallets, this is also a very distressing thing, then today The editor will share with you how you can remove the scratches on your wallet at home and make your wallet beautiful.

Prepare the right amount of facial tissues and the right amount of wind oil.

Use facial tissue to take appropriate amount of Fengyoujing to wipe the wallet (wipe gently, the scratches are gone).

Although the method is simple, it is very effective, and I use it often myself. MMs will never have to worry about the scratches on the wallet anymore, please try it quickly.

How to deal with wallet scratches

1 If the leather bag is accidentally scratched by a hard object or a scratch is made, you can try to apply it lightly with wax. Under normal circumstances, if the scratches are not particularly serious, the wax can cover up the marks, but in the process of smearing, you must pay attention to smearing back and forth several times, so that the surface of the food bag can become bright and smooth.

2 In addition, you can also try to use Fengyoujing, Fengyoujing can also cover up the scratches to a certain extent, first find a clean paper towel, and then drop the Fengyoujing on the paper towel After that, use a piece of paper towel to gently wipe the scratches on the surface of the leather bag. Under normal circumstances, the scratches will be lessened.

3 In addition, the nail polish remover stocked in many girls’ cosmetic bags can also help everyone to cover up the scratches on the leather bag to a certain extent. It is also necessary to find a clean paper towel, and then drop the nail polish remover. Wipe the leather bag back and forth with a paper towel on the paper towel. Generally, only three or five scratches will be eliminated.

How to maintain the wallet

1. Pay attention to frequent maintenance of the wallet. Plan to keep it clean once a week. A clean towel will wring out the water if it is soaked in water. Use force, repeat several times for light wiping, and frequent maintenance will not cause more serious pollution.

2. A piece of clean soft cloth dipped in toothpaste or facial cleanser to spread on the surface of the wallet that needs to be cleaned, and then you can dip a little bit of water, wipe it clean gently, and finally use another piece Treat the surface with a clean soft cloth. You can also put a little leather brightener on a small amount. If you don’t have it, you can also put on a hand cream that you usually use, but not too much.

3. If the surface of the wallet is stained with milk or other beverages, first use a clean cloth or sponge to soak dry, not a hair dryer, or exposure to the sun. If it is stained After grease is applied, you can wipe it with a dry cloth, and then clean it with a detergent to remove the grease.

How to choose a wallet

One smell: I want to tell everyone, all genuine leather bags will more or less have the smell of leather and dyes, of course there are exceptions, but that There are only two cases, one is which bag is not made of genuine leather, and the other is that the leather of that bag is super good, and the dye is also imported.

Second look: The skin itself will have small holes, just like our own skin, there will be very small holes, you can still see it carefully, and artificial leather is Without these small pores.

Three touches: The leather itself is tough and elastic, especially cowhide. Tenacity and elasticity are not even mentioned. Therefore, when you get a leather bag, you must be careful If you touch it, you will find that the bag is very elastic and smooth to the touch, which means that the bag is made of real leather, while artificial leather does not have such toughness and elasticity.

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