What should I do if the white bag is dirty? How to wash the white bag if it is dirty?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-24

Many people like white bags very much. They are versatile and very stylish. The only drawback is that they are easy to get dirty. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what to do if the white bag is dirty? How to wash the white bag if it is dirty?

What should I do if the white bag is dirty?

The white bag is the basic type that everyone will have in the wardrobe. It is very beautiful, and the white color gives people a very elegant feeling, very comfortable, so the white bag What should we do if the bag is dirty?

Method One

Clean with Fengyoujing. Sprinkle a little bit of fengyoujing on the leather bag and wipe it with a clean cloth. Not only can the stains on the bag be removed, but the leather bag can become shiny.

Method two

If you want to take care of the white bag simply and effectively, you can use a special leather cleaner to clean it up. The effect is very good and effective.

Method three

If the white bag gets a little dirty, you can squeeze it out with toothpaste, apply it to the stain, add a little water and wipe gently, which will clean and protect the leather. Suffer losses.

How to match a white bag with a white bag?

A white bag with a short jacket

A short winter jacket is an indispensable item to keep out the cold, compared to the heavy weight of a long coat The short jacket looks much lighter, with a white bag, the whole person is chic~

White bag with long coat

If You are a tall girl, it’s not a problem to control a long coat~ With a white bag, it shows the delicate temperament and elegant taste!

White bag matching Knitted sweaters

As knitted sweaters become more and more intense, knitted sweaters have gradually returned to people's field of vision. Basically, fashionistas' preference for knitted sweaters in fashion street photography is not low. In recent years, the popular oversize sweaters are almost going to hit the street rhythm, with a bag full of high-level sense.

White bag with windbreaker

The windbreaker is the most in-changing single product in spring, autumn and winter. Various colors and styles have their own accents and styles under the interpretation of street photographers. In terms of accessories, a white bag always has more choices than other accessories, so you don't have to worry about raising the level several steps.

How to choose the bag


The style of the schoolbag is still according to personal preference. Of course, it depends on the purpose. When going out to play, you need to use a backpack and a waist bag, and you use a lightweight briefcase when you go to work. If you like to have personality, you can also buy a punk bag or a tassel bag.


The color of the bag must be matched with the clothes, so if there is only one bag, it is not enough. Of course, if you only have one piece of clothing, you can use a bag. such as. If you wear an orange, green and yellow shirt today, choose a fruit-green bag or an orange bag that will look pretty. Of course, black is a versatile bag, if there is really no bag to match, black bag can also be an emergency.


The size must be based on personal needs. If you travel far, you will definitely want a bag with a larger content. When going out with friends, just bring a chest bag or waist bag that can hold a cell phone, money, and tissues. For work, just choose a handbag that is a little larger than the A4 file.

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