What should I do if the wallet zipper is not easy to pull? Solution to the wallet zipper can’t be pulled up

by:JIYALI     2021-07-14

The zipper of the wallet is a very important part of the wallet. If the zipper is not easy to pull, it will be very troublesome to use, and it will be particularly inconvenient to use. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what to do if the wallet zipper is not easy to pull?

What to do if the wallet zipper is not easy to pull

1. Prepare the wallet with bad zipper first, and clean the zipper out.

2. Prepare items such as soap and candles.

3. Use soap or candles to come out along the zipper and wipe it back several times, and then pull the zipper back and forth several times, you will feel that the zipper is obviously pulled a lot better. Then clean the zipper out. Keep it simple.

4. Be sure not to use lubricating oil or the like, it will stain the place where you put your wallet. After wiping with soap, be sure to clean it, otherwise it will corrode the zipper.

Precautions for the use of wallet zipper

The zipper is too tight. It often occurs in zippers or new zippers that have not been used for a long time. Because the zippers are very astringent, pulling hard will cause the zipper teeth to deform and damage the zippers. In this case, you can gently pull it several times and it will become slippery.

It’s pulled too hard. Some teeth of the zipper will fall off. Once such a problem occurs, the zipper must be replaced in time.

It's too tight. It is easy to break the zipper, once the zipper is too strong, the zipper will be scrapped.

The zipper is too harsh. The zipper is wrinkled and the zipper is stuck. Just rub some candles and it will work very well.

Keep it dry. Don't let the zipper be corroded by water, although the zipper is not easy to rust, but after being corroded by water, it will become astringent. Rubbing the zipper with a candle can solve the problem.

How to maintain the wallet zipper

1. Do not smear the zipper with oil or oily substances. Maybe it was easy to use at the time, but the cloth tape contaminated by oil will absorb dust. The zipper is very astringent when used, and it is getting more and more unusable. The solution is that the problem can only be solved by washing off the oil stains on the cloth belt.

2. Prevent the zipper from contacting with acidic and alkaline substances. Zippers are most afraid of these corrosive things, which are determined by the nature of aluminum alloy. Once it is attacked by acid and reducing substances, the zipper is not easy to use. Only by repeatedly rubbing with candles can you get back to life.

How to choose the color of the wallet

1. Red: It is a warm, impulsive, and powerful color. It means a deficit, which means that it is easy to spend money and cannot save money.

2. Green: The refreshing, ideal, hopeful, and growing image it conveys. Blue is a broad color, and the vast scenery of the sky and the sea is blue.

3. White: high-level, technological image, black has noble, stable, technological image, and many technological products use gray with soft and elegant image, and it belongs to the middle character, which can be accepted by both men and women. .

4. Blue: Blue represents water, which means that money will flow away like water. It is also a color that is not suitable for wallets.

5. Black: Black represents calmness and can hold money, that is, gather wealth and not easily lose money.

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