What should I do if the wallet zipper is broken? How to repair the wallet zipper broken

by:JIYALI     2021-07-14

The zipper of the wallet itself is a relatively easy to wear item, so it is normal that it is easy to break. After the zipper is broken, it should be repaired in time, otherwise it will affect the use of the wallet. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what to do if the wallet zipper is broken?

What should I do if the wallet zipper is broken?

1. First pull down the top tooth of the zipper with pliers, and both sides must be dialed.

2. Then pull the lock of the zipper to At the top, then merge the two teeth together

3. Then put the zipper lock in (it is a certain degree of difficulty, because the diameter of the metal zipper is relatively thick, if it does not fit, cut the diameter A small mouth, remember, don’t cut at the place where the big teeth are installed, you should cut at the top, otherwise the big teeth will not fit on)

4. After the zipper lock is put in, install the big teeth. Everything is OK.

5. When the opening and closing is not smooth, if the chain head is pulled hard, it will cause the tooth element bite failure. At this time, use paraffin wax or lubricating spray [Zipper Companion] to apply to the surface and inside of the teeth, and then move the slider several times and it will slide easily.

Common problems with wallet zipper

First, candle lubrication method

1. You can use soap or candles to repeatedly pull on the zipper several times to solve the problem. The phenomenon of moving or stuck.

2. If the distance between the upper and lower iron pieces of the slider is enlarged or the left and right are widened. Just use pliers up and down or left and right to clamp properly, and try again if it can be pulled together. Repeat several times until it is suitable. Be careful not to clamp too tightly at a time, so as not to pull it.

3. After the repair is completed, it is better to apply a candle on it several times.

Second, the sewing needle clever sewing method

If the zipper is used for a long time, the iron pieces on both sides will fall off, which will affect the use.

1. You can fold one end of a staple inward to make it parallel to the iron rod, and fold the other end straight. According to the length of the zipper iron strip, the excess part of the staple can be extended from the Cut off the straight end.

2. Place the cut staples on the original iron sheet, place the folded end underneath, flush with the bottom edge of the zipper, and the other end to the same point as the tooth.

3. Then, use a sewing needle to sew tightly back and forth twice with a buttonhole stitch, and wrap the staples in the thread.

Common maintenance methods for wallets


Be aware that some bags cannot withstand freezing at all, such as: Chanel bags, at a temperature difference of 40 When the temperature is ℃, it will be prone to freeze cracks and cracks. In cold weather and extremely cold places, such as cold rooms, freezers, etc., pay attention to keep the bag warm, try not to expose it to extremely cold environments, and store it in a comfortable and safe place with a suitable temperature.


The bag also needs sunscreen care at any time like the skin. The difference is that it does not require you to bother to apply some sunscreen, isolation spray, etc., as long as you can Don't expose your love bag to the sun or close to any strong heat source. For those delicate leather wallets, cosmetic bags, etc., try to put them in the zipper of the leather bag with compartments to ensure that it is safe. Take precautions strictly, avoid direct exposure to strong light sources and ultraviolet rays. In short, be careful of all excessive rays of strong light.

Dust prevention:

The best way to avoid the dusty face of the bag is to wipe it frequently and maintain it carefully, but you must never use a large wet cloth to scream, like a towel every night. It's like wiping your face in a circular shape. Wipe the dust with a soft white cloth regularly to keep the handbags as bright as new (especially for bags made of lambskin u0026 soft calfskin). Perform a major cleaning once a month. Mix fresh milk with water at a ratio of 1:1 and dip it into milk. Wipe the bag back and forth with water, and finally wipe it a second time with a clean cloth. This method is to help the bag prolong life.

How to choose a wallet

Choose according to the material of the wallet. If you want to say what material men's wallet looks both noble and durable, you must count the wallets made of first layer cowhide. We know that the quality of the first layer cowhide is the best when comparing the leather grades. High-quality men’s wallets are made of first layer cowhide, whether it is fabric or lining, to ensure the quality and durability of the product; and it is cheap High imitation men's wallets are often made of cowhide, and the lining will be replaced with PU rubber, which is shoddy. This is something you must pay attention to when buying.

Choose according to shallow practicality. Generally ordinary men's wallets can be used to store banknotes and bank cards. With the continuous development of wallet style design, some practical men's wallets are now more complete in design, such as the design of a special place for storing coins, and the location of the card slot has been greatly increased. , And a zipper design, more in line with the modern male capable image.

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