What should I do if the suede bag fades? How to color the suede bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-18

The suede bag is a kind of fabric that has been very popular these days. The bags of this material are designed to be very beautiful, very distinctive, and very suitable for the current season. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what to do if the suede bag fades? How to color the suede bag?

How to deal with the fading of the suede bag

The back of the suede bag will fade after a long time. You can use the nursing oil of the suede to deal with it.

1. The newly bought suede bag can be taken to a special care store, and the oil is good. The oil can prevent fading and extend the life of suede bag.

2, of course, you can also buy care oil, do it yourself at home, apply the care oil to the faded area of u200bu200bthe suede bag, and then dry the bag. After the bag is dried, even before No matter how bad the color fades, the bag will not fade again.

How to color suede bags

The coloring of suede bags is actually the same as the coloring of suede shoes, and shoe powder can also be used.

1. First brush the suede bag with a brush in one direction, and try to clean up the dirt that can be brushed off. (Disperse the bonded fluff, so that the fluff powder can be more evenly attached to each fluff)

2. Hold the powder block and use the fluted surface of the shoe powder to rub on the shoe surface. Pay attention to the uniform and moderate force. Uneven force will cause mottling with different color thicknesses. Too much floating powder is difficult to clean and waste.

3. When using shoe powder, it is best to wear gloves, otherwise the hands will be stained. You can also wear a mask, because it is inevitable that there will be powder smoke.

4. After the shoe powder is evenly applied, gently brush the fluff again with a brush to smooth the messed fluff, and also keep the sticky The parts of the shoes that are not firmly attached are painted off, and after completion, the suede bag can restore the previous color.

How to clean suede bags

1. Use 50g milk, 30g detergent, 20g alcohol (the purity is not stated on the TV, it is recommended to buy it at the pharmacy), mix 2. Dip the liquid with a soft-bristle brush, and brush the bag lightly. Among them, the area of u200bu200bthe zipper can be brushed.

3. Wipe clean with a clean damp towel, preferably several times to avoid any detergent residue.

4. Finally, rub the whole bag with olive oil. This is to make the bag look shiny. This step is very important. Note that it is not edible olive oil. It is the kind you sell in supermarkets for beauty and skin care. I use makeup sponges to dip in olive oil for rubbing with olive oil.

5. Set aside and dry (mainly the zipper piece).

6. When using the bag, wipe off the olive oil with toilet paper.

How to choose a suede bag

As the saying goes, the one that suits you is the best. In fact, the same goes for buying a bag. Many people spend a lot of money to chase some big names, maybe they are very happy with the money, but do they also 'fit' with the bags they bought back? Zexi said, 'This is not necessarily the case.' When buying a bag, you must not be unprepared. When others say that it is popular, follow the purchase, because popular is not necessarily good, or it may not be suitable for you. You must be tasteful when buying bags.

In principle, we must first look at the texture of the bag. Whether it is cloth, nylon or leather, a textured bag will look three-dimensional and generous. Second, you may wish to choose a classic bag, which has many benefits for daily dressing and matching. Just like the meaning of the name 'classicIn addition, there are many skills in matching, such as the choice of color, how to brighten and so on.

Speaking of style, some netizens who have just graduated and entered the workplace also specially posted to Zexi to ask how to choose a package. Zexi believes that graduates should not be greedy for big brands. After all, they are not in line with their own status. “Even if you have money, you’d better keep a low profile”. You can choose classic bags with texture and the effect will be good.

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