What should I do if the foreskin is off? What should I do if the bag is broken?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-07

Buying bags is the happiest thing for girls, but what should I do if my beloved bag is accidentally scratched or rubbed off? Today, the editor of Net 5 will introduce to everyone What should I do if the foreskin is off? What should I do if the foreskin is broken?

What to do if the foreskin is off

First of all, we must prepare the materials. The most important material is shoe powder. The color of shoe powder is based on the color of your casual bag. Choose shoe powder with the same color or similar color as the leather bag. Under normal circumstances, shoe powder is sold in shoe stores, and you can also go to repair shoes, bags and women's bags. One more egg material is ready. Crush the eggs and take a small amount of egg whites, depending on how much you use. Mix the shoe powder and egg whites, and apply to the peeled part of the leather bag. When it dries, you're done.

How to deal with the broken skin of the bag

The first more convenient method that can be operated by yourself is to use the shoe polish of the same color as the bag to wipe the damaged area and conceal it. If you don’t observe the bag carefully or observe the bag at close range, you won’t be able to see any scratches.

Secondly, if you don't have shoe polish, you can also choose crayons. Choose crayons of the same color as the bag and apply them to the worn parts of the leather bag and gently rub them. After the wax penetrates into the leather, the wear marks will be covered.

Thirdly, nowadays higher-priced bags generally have a warranty. It is best to take the bags to the sales store, and let the store take it to the factory to see if the factory can be more professional, A better way to deal with it.

Fourth, you can also try it at a leather maintenance store. Leather goods maintenance shops will definitely charge, so it’s best to ask if they can handle it properly, how much it can recover, and how much they charge.

Finally, bags must also be maintained frequently. You can buy some leather maintenance liquid yourself, and clean and maintain your bags from time to time to make your bags last longer.

Bag care

1. Avoid contact with oil, water, acid and alkaline items.

2. Do not overload the leather goods to avoid damage caused by friction with rough and sharp objects.

3. Clean and maintain once a month.

4. When the leather has lost its luster, use the leather to polish it, and apply it every six months.

5. Unless otherwise specified, all products must not be washed, otherwise it will cause serious consequences such as deformation and damage.

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