What should I do if the cowhide bag is too hard? Which one is better, cowhide bag or sheepskin bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-27

Cowhide bags have always been more popular, and many bags are made of cowhide, so what should I do if the cowhide bag is too hard? Which one is better, let's take a look below.

What to do if the cowhide bag is too hard

1. Blow it with a blower. The temperature of the blower should not be too high or too close to the bag. It is easy to burn the bag.

2. Put a layer of special leather oil on the cowhide bag to make the bag soft.

Real cowhide bags feel more comfortable to the touch, and most cowhide bags are relatively soft. You should pay attention to channel safety when buying cowhide bags.

Real cowhide bags, the longer they are carried, the more shiny and smoother they are. The surface gloss of the soft cowhide bag is relatively high, and there is a layer of wax on it, the surface of the leather can clearly see the lines, and the thickness of the leather bag is relatively moderate, below 1.2mm.

Which is better, cowhide bag or sheepskin bag?

From a practical point of view, cowhide bag is better. The cowhide bag is relatively sturdy, but the disadvantage is that it is not so soft and feels comfortable to the touch without sheepskin.

Sheepskin is very soft and delicate. It feels very good to the touch, but it is easy to be torn. Once there is a crack, it can be torn apart like paper with gentle force. . Scratching directly on the sheepskin bag is a scratch. The same force is applied to the cowhide, and it has no effect at all.

Which is better to take care of a cowhide bag or a sheepskin bag?

The texture of a sheepskin bag is relatively soft. If you buy a sheepskin bag, be careful when you carry it. It will be slightly worn off with the things on the jeans. It will rub off the skin, so it needs to be very careful and often maintained.

The cowhide is not so delicate, so just regular oiling and care. Generally fashionable bags will not be made of sheepskin, unless it is the kind of casual or summer-backed small leather bags, they will use sheepskin, and the rest are generally made of cowhide.

What is the difference between a cowhide bag and a sheepskin bag

Comparing a cowhide bag and a sheepskin bag, we will find that the texture of the sheepskin bag is more delicate and feels better. The texture is very natural, while the texture of the cowhide bag is very natural. It is hard, very durable, and looks more shiny and gorgeous. Which package is better depends on our specific needs.

Is it better for sheepskin bags or cowhide bags? The above is about the situation of sheepskin bags or cowhide bags. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of this. For cowhide bags and For sheepskin bags, they each have their own advantages.

A good sheepskin bag or a cowhide bag can meet our needs to hold items and show our personality. In actual situations, we need to choose according to our needs and preferences.

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