What should I do if the canvas bag fades? How to wash the canvas bag without fading?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-29

The canvas bag is a style that many students have now. It looks very youthful when carrying it. Moreover, the canvas bag has a particularly large capacity and is very convenient. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what to do if the canvas bag fades? How to wash the canvas bag without fading?

What to do if the canvas bag fades

The canvas bag generally has a slight fading phenomenon, which is generally difficult to remedy. You can only pay attention to it when cleaning. Like discoloration is inevitable, if you use the correct method, the discoloration will not be too serious. When purchasing, you should also carefully measure the color of the canvas bag, etc. A canvas bag dyed at a cheap cost should not be too good. The editor said so much that you still have to rely on your own judgment. I hope everyone can protect their beloved canvas bag.

How to wash the canvas bag without fading

1. When the canvas is washed, there will be different degrees of fading. When washing for the first time, you can add some salt in the clean water first, and then The bag is immersed for about 30 minutes, the fading is reduced a lot.

2. Since the floating color has not been removed in the first few washings, the fading looks more serious, which is inevitable. As time and washing times increase, it will not be so serious!

3. It is recommended to use neutral or alkaline detergent for washing. Be sure to use a regular brand. Please do not use bleach or fluorescent products. Cleaning Products. If it is not for stubborn stains such as oil stains, please reduce the amount of detergent as much as possible.

4. Please wash by hand with cold water, avoid dehydration and exposure to the sun, and dry in the shade in a ventilated place. If the metal fittings get wet, please wipe them dry as soon as possible to avoid rust.

5. It is recommended to turn the canvas bag out to dry after washing, just like drying clothes, which can reduce the degree of fading.

How to maintain the canvas bag

1. Generally speaking, if the cloth bag has accessories and hardware, try to shorten the time when cleaning it, and place it in a ventilated place to dry in the shade after cleaning, so as to extend the decoration. The life and brightness of the buckle hardware.

2. Dry, you must keep the bag dry at all times, so that the bag is not easy to get sick.

3. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. If it is not too troublesome, remember to use a clean cloth to wipe the dirt on the bag after each use.

4. Eraser, if there is any dirt on the bag, you can use the eraser to remove the dirt on the bag.

How to choose a canvas bag

First, from the fabric, the cloth bag is mainly made of canvas, corduroy, woolen velvet, etc. It will be equipped with some artificial wool in winter, and the quality is good. The canvas, corduroy fabric has uniform texture and delicate hand feeling, relatively speaking, the hand feeling is not very smooth.

Second, in terms of ingredients, compared with leather bags, cloth bags have a weaker shape and are easily deformed. Therefore, when producing cloth bags, a layer of non-woven fabric is usually pressed on the fabric (Sheng Tang Du: It is the raw material of compressed mask that girls often use) to stabilize the shape of the bag. The heavier the non-woven fabric, the higher the price, and the better the shape of the bag. Therefore, generally speaking, when the hardware ingredients are the same, Heavier cloth wraps better.

Thirdly, from the lining, pure cotton and silk cotton linings are stronger than chemical fiber linings, and are not easy to draw. Maybe we often encounter this situation: bags The appearance is not bad, the lining is torn off first, so the lining is very important when choosing a bag. Some branded bags will have the brand LOGO on the lining, and of course the price will increase accordingly.

Fourth, in terms of workmanship, the finer the stitches are sewn, the stronger the bag and the harder it is to open the thread.

Fifth, from the hardware ingredients, that is, zippers, rings, hooks, etc., the best I have seen now is copper, of course, the weight is also very heavy.

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