What should I do if the bag turn lock is broken? Where can I fix the bag turn lock?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-06

Nowadays, the locks of many bags are turn locks. This kind of locks is actually quite easy to break. If you don’t pay attention to it, you may say that it will break someday if you don’t pay attention. Then the bag’s turn locks What should I do if the button is broken?

What should I do if the bag turn lock is broken?

First of all, you need to determine which part is damaged. If the turn lock is not good, it is usually because of long-term non-maintenance and excessive use time. Yes, minor damage can be treated with glue, lubricant, etc. with small pliers, or the metal fittings can be replaced. If the damage is serious, you need to go to a special leather repair shop to deal with it.

If your bag turn lock is jerky to use, and the switch is strenuous, it means that the bag turn lock has been deformed. You can apply some petroleum jelly or hand cream to the bag turn lock , Increase the lubricity, by observing the shape of the bag turning lock, adjust it with small pliers.

Where to repair the bag turn lock if it is broken?

If your bag is still within the warranty period and the bag turn lock is damaged, you can go to the store to repair or return it. It is generally handled for you free of charge.

If you are not sure, you must not do it lightly, otherwise it will damage the bag. At this time, it is recommended that you go to a special bag maintenance agency to deal with it.

Bag maintenance method

No matter what material the bag is, it needs to be maintained, so as to extend the service life of the bag. The bag cannot be cleaned in a dry cleaner and needs to be used Special maintenance liquid is used for care, and the maintenance liquid used for bags of different materials is also different.

The velvet bread bag should be cleaned with a soft animal hair brush. If the brush material is too hard, it will damage the suede and affect the aesthetics. After stains and handwriting appear on the leather bag, you can use hand cream , Fengyoujing to wipe.

The metal fittings on the bag are prone to oxidation. They can be treated with alcohol or white vinegar. If there are cracks on the leather bag, you can gently wipe the cracks with maintenance oil. In this way, the cracks will gradually disappear.

How to choose a bag that suits you

1. Dinner party

Bag features: gorgeous and eye-catching, small and delicate

Dinner party Bags

When used for large-scale events such as dinners, the bags used are usually more graceful and gorgeous. For example, bags decorated with sequins are slightly exaggerated for daily use, but when used for dinner occasions, they can highlight your noble and elegant side, show the bling-bling gloss, and instantly attract the focus of the audience.

The bags used for the dinner party mostly exist as decorations, so there is no need to consider the issue of capacity. They are usually relatively small and mainly in the style of clutches. When matched with dresses and other clothing, it presents a particularly delicate beauty.

2. Commute

Bag features: a strong sense of formality, large capacity

Commuter bag, handbag

Commuter occupied Urban women spend most of their lives, so they must choose a bag that is comfortable, fits, and versatile. At the time of commuting, women’s dressing styles are usually more concise and capable. Therefore, the selected bags should also be simple and high-quality, and they need to carry more items during commuting, so they should also pursue large-capacity.

The bags used for commuting have a strong sense of formality. The styles are mainly shoulder bags and handbags, which are convenient and labor-saving to carry. If you don't have much matching experience, it is recommended to directly choose the three colors of black, white and gray, which are versatile and show the temperament.

3. Everyday

Bag features: fashionable and eye-catching, rich styles

Square bag bucket bag shoulder bag messenger bag

Compared to dinner occasions and commuting occasions, the bags available for daily occasions are more abundant and diverse. Since most of the daily wear is based on casual style, the range of choices on bags is wider. The more common styles include square bags, bucket bags, shoulder bags and cross-body bags, etc., which can be freely selected according to personal preferences.

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