What should I do if my wallet is moldy? Wallet moldy cleaning method

by:JIYALI     2021-07-15

Moldy wallet may be considered by many people to affect your fortune, but it is not that serious. We just need to clean the wallet again. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to deal with the moldy wallet?

How to deal with moldy wallet

1. Use an air gun or a soft brush to clean the mold inside and outside the moldy wallet (to protect the body of employees, it is recommended to wear masks and rubber gloves when handling).

2. Use a high-density sponge to evenly spread the anti-mold and antibacterial cream AEM5700-PK+ on the outside of the wallet (in order to protect the body of employees and avoid allergies, it is recommended to wear them when handling. Rubber gloves), it is recommended to apply twice at the corners and seams and obvious moldy areas.

3. After placing it for 2min~3min, use a polishing cloth or a rag for polishing (you can wipe it gently during polishing).

4. Place or paste a piece of Keep Fresh anti-mold sheet K2-4*4 in the box, and pack it normally.

How to prevent mildew on the wallet

1. Generally, the wallet will not produce mildew in daily use, mainly because it is not ventilated or caused by soaking in water to produce mold, so it is stored The surface of the wallet needs to be thoroughly cleaned: damp the surface with a dry towel and wring out and wipe the surface lightly. Repeat several times. Do not use a towel that is too wet to contact the leather surface to prevent water from penetrating into the leather

2. Stain on the surface is the main area where mold grows. For the stain on the leather surface, wipe it repeatedly with a clean wet sponge dampened with a mild detergent, and then let it dry naturally. You can try it in an inconspicuous corner before formal use.

3. As for the oil stains on the leather surface, it can be wiped clean with a cloth, and the rest will be naturally dispersed or cleaned by detergents. Do not scrub with water.

4. The surface of high-quality leather is unavoidable. Minor scars can be diminished by hand temperature and oil.

5. Please use leather special protective cream to prevent mildew. If the mold adheres to the leather for a long time, damages the leather, and forms scars, it will be more difficult to deal with at this time. Only after using the mold remover, the color repair series products can be used to repair the original appearance.

The reason why your wallet is moldy

One is that your wallet is made of genuine leather. In the humid weather and high temperature in spring and early summer, if you don’t use it frequently or store it next to your skin, it’s easy Breeding mold.

Second, although your wallet is not made of genuine leather, it has been contaminated with nutrients and has not been cleaned in time, and you don’t use it frequently or store it next to your skin. In spring or early summer, Easy to breed mold. As long as the mold is washed away, putting a little mothball in the wallet can also prevent the wallet from getting moldy.

Precautions for wallet maintenance

1 The wallet should try to avoid using it under strong sunlight to prevent the grease of the cowhide wallet from being sucked up, resulting in damage to the fibrous tissue, and the cowhide wallet is in strong for a long time Hardening and aging will occur under light, and eventually become brittle.

2 The cowhide wallet should not be in contact with acid and alkaline substances to prevent the cowhide wallet from being corroded.

3When the wallet is not in use, put some paper in the wallet to prevent deformation caused by long-term non-use of the wallet.

4 If the wallet is wet from the rain or the wallet is stained with water due to other reasons, it should be wiped clean with a rag in time, and then placed in a ventilated place to dry to prevent mold.

5 When the cowhide wallet becomes moldy, wipe it dry with a soft cloth, and then apply a special leather care agent.

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