What should I do if my wallet is crumpled? Wrinkled wallet recovery method

by:JIYALI     2021-07-13

The wallet is easy to wrinkle if you don't pay attention to it when you use it. Whether it is placed in a bag or in a pocket, there is a possibility of wrinkling. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what to do if your wallet is wrinkled?

What to do if the wallet is wrinkled

If the wallet is wrinkled, you can follow the steps below to solve it:

1. First, use a clean towel, slightly dipped in water, and cover On the leather, use a temperature-regulating iron to adjust the temperature to about 35 degrees, while ironing and trimming.

2. The contracted parts should be pulled to the original shape. Usually, milk sassafras can be used frequently to prevent the leather from cracking and make it soft and beautiful.

The solution to the wrinkle of the wallet

The wrinkles of the wallet are mostly caused by squeezing or loading oversized and heavy items. The severity level of folds can be roughly divided into: slight folds, general folds, severe folds and broken folds.

Solution: Spread a soft, non-fading cloth on the table, then spread the wallet on the cloth, and then place a heavy object of a suitable size (an iron block slightly larger than the deformed part is sufficient) ) Wrap it with a soft, non-fading cloth and press it on the deformed leather surface. For places where heavy objects cannot be pressed, a proper amount of filler can be stuffed into the wallet. This method mainly uses physical pressure and the elasticity and resilience of the leather itself. Generally, it will take three to five days.

The rules for purchasing wallets

From the perspective of wallet styles, men and women should choose men’s and women’s long wallets. Why do you say that? People have always believed that money is similar to humans They also don’t like to 'bend over' very much. If they choose a folding wallet, it will make our money 'wrong' and keep 'bending over' every day, which makes it unwilling to favor you. Wallet. And long wallets will create a comfortable space for money, making them comfortable living and reluctant to leave, avoiding wealth.

In terms of the color of the wallet (for details, please refer to-What color wallet is the most prosperous for wealth?), red is the most taboo choice. Red is considered the color that disperses wealth. And yellow, which is considered rich and auspicious, is undoubtedly the best color for wallets. According to Feng Shui, yellow is the color of wealth. Therefore, yellow has always been the color most admired by ancient kings. As one of the auxiliary tools for us to attract wealth, the color of the wallet plays the most important role in all the factors that affect wealth. So if you want your wallet to bring wealth and wealth, you must choose a yellow wallet.

How to maintain your wallet

1. Keep it dry and store it in a cool, ventilated place.

2. Avoid exposure to the sun, fire roasting, water washing, sharp object impact and contact with chemical solvents.

3. Glue is needed when the wallet is mainly stitched. The glue is easy to melt when it meets water, so try not to get water when using the wallet. Special attention should be paid to rainy days.

4. Bi Lizhu or shoe polish of the same color can be used for care.

5. In principle, only one card can be inserted into a card bag, and two cards cannot be inserted reluctantly, which will cause the card bag to slack.

6. Care should be taken to protect all metal accessories. Humid and high salt environments will cause oxidation of the wallet. Applying a layer of transparent nail polish on the surface of the hardware can effectively prevent the oxidation of the hardware.

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