What should I do if my wallet is broken? Remedy for broken wallet

by:JIYALI     2021-07-13

The wallet is easy to break if it is used for a long time. After all, it is a leather product and it will always have a lifespan. We can take some measures to remedy it after the wallet is broken. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how to deal with a broken wallet?

How to deal with a broken wallet

Buy a new one. The wallet cannot be used all the time. Fortune must be transferred. After 3 years, it must be replaced even if it is not broken.

Don’t throw away a broken wallet. In fact, it makes sense from the purse feng shui theory. According to the wallet feng shui theory, in fact, every wallet lives in a god similar to the God of Wealth. He will It’s very unlucky to just throw away the old wallets for us.

How to deal with old wallets

The Japanese believe that 'if you have the meaning of cherishing your wallet, you will surely attract wealth.' Therefore, Jin Mochi Shrine holds several rituals to burn wallets every year. Today the shrine receives as many as thousands of wallets every year. Because in the minds of some people, they think that if they throw away their old wallets, they will lose money, and money will no longer care about their wallets in the future.

In China, there are actually many people who think that throwing away their wallets means abandoning their wealth, which is very unlucky. In fact, this makes sense from the purse feng shui theory. According to Wallet Fengshui, in fact, every wallet lives in a god similar to the God of Wealth, and he will go out to recruit for us. So it is very unlucky to throw away used wallets casually. So what should I do with old wallets?

First of all, China does not have as many shrines as Japan, and the Chinese do not have the habit of burning wallets, so they cannot follow the Japanese approach. One way is to wrap the old wallet in a piano-colored plastic bag and then throw it away after buying a new wallet. But the most appropriate way is to put some old bank cards, banknotes or coins that are not in circulation in the old wallet, hold them full, and then put them in the storage box for safekeeping. Take its homonym 'consummation'. Legend has it that because the God of Wealth has been caring for the old wallet, only if the old wallet is properly handled, will he be willing to move into our new wallet, continue to attract wealth and bring good luck to us.

In addition, the color choice of the new wallet, it is best to choose yellow. Because yellow has always been a symbol of wealth, yellow is the most suitable color for purses.

How to choose a wallet

1, rectangular wallet is better

The shape of the wallet is also more important, usually the wallet is more rectangular, we should try to avoid it Round or irregular wallets.

2. The texture of the wallet is exquisite

The texture of the wallet is also exquisite. The texture of the wallet should be in line with your own numerology. For example, if you hit the taboo leather material, try not to use leather. Wallets, and use cloth or other texture wallets instead.

3. The color of the wallet must conform to numerology.

The color of the wallet must conform to the director’s numerology. You must know what colors you like and avoid, and avoid inappropriate color wallets. If you don’t know your own numerology preferences, then usually the color of your wallet is red, gold, or coffee.

How to clean the wallet if it is dirty?

Method 1. Cheap and easy-to-use lens cleaning cloth decontamination method

Always use leather cleaner for lens cleaning cloth Wipe leather bags, as long as you gently wipe and evenly apply, the bag can restore its luster, because it is soft and will not scratch your beloved bag.

Method two, one gray at both ends and one white with an eraser decontamination method

The bag of suede material can be gently wiped with a white eraser to remove slight dirt or use gray The eraser removes serious dirt, but pay attention to rubbing lightly and vigorously.

Method three, toothpaste partial cleaning method

Except for silk, silk and satin bags, you can try toothbrush with toothpaste for partial cleaning. Simple and practical leather wallet.

Method four, cool, ventilate and dry in the shade

After cleaning, each material of the bag should be placed in a ventilated place to dry in the shade. Do not take it to the sun, because the bag is at this time. When it is the most fragile, the bag will fade or the leather will become hard and brittle under sudden high temperature exposure.

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