What's the inch of the photo in the wallet? Wallet photo size details

by:JIYALI     2021-07-12

It is a habit of many people to put photos in their wallets. Whether it is a family member or a partner, you can take it out at any time to ease your lovesickness. The following editor on No.5 tells you how many inches are the photos in the wallet?

The photos in the wallet are a few inches in size.

If there are photos stored in it, the general wallet photos are two inches in size because they are relatively narrow on the side of the wallet. So you can't store too large photos, otherwise the photos will be folded.

From the long wallet, the wallet photos can still be designed to be larger. On the one hand, the size is relatively large, so most of them are designed to be larger, which can be stored Photos can also be placed on various bank cards, etc. In this long wallet, someone might add a special place for storing three-inch photos. In fact, according to your own personal hobbies, you can change the size of the wallet photo in your wallet at will according to your own requirements.

Common types of wallets

1. Zipper wallet

Men use zipper handbags, first of all, the first feature is convenience! Especially often encountered some I don't know where to put the change and coins. At this time, the function of holding the wallet by hand comes out. And sometimes the mouth of the jeans is relatively narrow, so you can put your mobile phone in your wallet.

2. Horizontal wallet

The function of horizontal wallet is mainly to put money conveniently.

3. Vertical wallets

Vertical wallets look relatively narrow, and many people find it convenient to put them in their pockets.

4. Folding wallet

The main advantage of folding wallet is its small size and easy portability.

How to choose a wallet

To choose a wallet, the most important thing is to choose a wallet that suits your identity and reflects your personality. However, everyone knows that there are a lot of miscellaneous wallets in the market, and there are also many wallets on the street stalls, and the prices range from a few yuan to a few thousand yuan. But what I suggest to you is that everyone should choose the one that suits them.

If you are a white-collar worker, would you just go to the stall and buy a wallet? The answer is definitely no, because not only do you look shameless when you take it out in front of everyone, even on the street You can see the same thing as you casually, and you will definitely feel uncomfortable. But for children or students, they currently do not have the financial ability to pay, so there is not much need to ask parents to buy themselves a very expensive or fashionable leather wallet.

For men, wallets are like their symbol. Ladies value clothes, and men value wallets. Wallets are something they value, so naturally they have to choose a better one. Therefore, if you want to buy a wallet for you, don't be greedy for cheap, you must choose the top ten wallet brands to be worthy of his status.

Wallet maintenance method

Method 1: Cleaner for ordinary stains

This is the most common method, and a mild soap solution for daily cleaning and maintenance is sufficient After using it, apply the cleaner evenly on the wallet with a damp cloth, then gently wipe it, and finally wash the foam on the wallet with clean water, and then dry it with a dry cloth. This method is the simplest. And it's very practical.

Method 2: Use a care cream to solve the abrasion

If the leather is worn out, you can apply a non-greasy colorless leather care cream, let it penetrate slowly, and then use it Polishing with a clean and soft cloth can make the leather regenerate its bright luster and prevent the leather from drying out.

Method 3: Smooth and scrub hard

The cleaning of cowhide is very simple, just use cotton cloth or wet wipes to clean it, because cowhide bags are generally rough in texture , It is easier to enter impurities, just need a little force to smooth and scrub.

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