What material is good for the wallet? Wallet material recommendation

by:JIYALI     2021-07-16

There are many kinds of materials for wallets. I believe everyone will be very entangled when choosing them. Each material is not only different in price, but also in terms of experience. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what material is good for the wallet?

What material is good for the wallet?

First, calfskin

The calfskin has fine, soft and smooth pores, elastic and elastic. It is a relatively good leather material, which is not easy to deform when worn and is elegant and noble. Advantages : The skin texture is clear, the hand feels smooth, and the leather is elastic.

Second, soft cowhide

The cowhide is polished, and the waxing process makes the leather, soft and firm, not easy to crease, and the leather is soft, breathable, and protects the feet to wick away perspiration. Try not to wear it on rainy days.

Three, frosted oily skin

Polish the pores of the leather surface evenly so that the leather feels soft, the surface is smooth, the leather contains grease, is not easy to mold, is not easy to produce bacteria, and has no peculiar smell , Has the effect of natural wrinkles and discoloration. Advantages: water-resistant, not easy to deform when wearing. Care: dry white cloth, can be used for a long time wearing refined food oil and wipe with a soft white cloth to restore as new.

Four. Sheepskin

The leather is soft, comfortable to wear, highly breathable, and protects the shoes from perspiration. Care: colorless shoe polish, can not be treated with brighteners, which will make the leather surface It is hard to cause damage to the skin. Wearing tips: It should be worn under better road conditions. It is best if you can wear it every one or two days.

Five and two layers of leather

Count the second layer of animal skin from the surface (the surface under the leather surface is covered with PU paint after the manufacturer’s treatment, which is second only to the high-end materials of the leather surface. , Breathable and perspiration).

Six. The first layer of skin

The skin on the most surface of the animal has a soft hand feel and a lot of fiber, good strength and tensile force, and good air permeability. It should be avoided because of the fine material used. Areas with many scars and wrinkles. Therefore, the price of shoes made of the first layer of leather will be higher than that of the second layer of leather.

Seven. Embossed leather

The surface has a distinctive pressed pattern. The selected leather types include the first layer, patent leather, frosted leather and other special pattern effects produced by meticulous processing . The most common leather wallets on the market are basically these, so what kind of leather wallet is good, the top layer of cowhide is of good quality, and it is also the mainstream leather, and again, it is real crocodile leather.

Importance of the material of the wallet

When purchasing a wallet, you must pay attention to the material of the wallet. Compared with handbags, the number of opening and closing of the wallet will be much more, so the wallet is better than the handbag. It is more prone to damage. If you choose inferior materials, your wallet may break the leather after a period of use. Therefore, it is better to spend a little more money and buy a wallet with good leather!

As one of women’s intimate little things, wallets are as important as handbags. Compared with handbags, wallets are cheaper in price, so when you want to change your mood and style, you can easily get a different wallet. The wallet is the most important small bag in our daily life. There are a wide variety of colorful wallets, cartoons, and professional wallets. Of course, choosing the wallet style that suits you can better reflect your taste.

Precautions for purchasing wallets

1. Recognize the genuine leather signs.

2. Check whether the goods have trademarks, factory names and addresses, and certificates of conformity. Imported leather products should have Chinese labels.

3. After purchasing leather products, properly keep the invoices and genuine leather signs, so that they can be used as proof of quality disputes in the future.

4. If it is determined that there is a quality problem, please bring a valid invoice and genuine leather signs to the sales store to request a solution within the specified date of the Three Guarantees.

Common wallet styles

Women's wallets are generally divided into short styles and long styles. The long wallet gives people an intellectual and elegant feeling, but it is not portable enough. When you want to change into a small handbag to go out, the size of the long wallet becomes a big problem, while the short wallet is smaller. Although it is not as feminine as the long wallet, it is also better than the concise and neat style.

Short wallets and long wallets are generally divided into two folds and three folds. The two-fold wallet with the horizontal version of the short bag is more suitable for men. If the woman chooses the short wallet, it is recommended to choose the three-fold wallet. Although a three-fold wallet will increase a certain thickness, from a practical point of view, a three-fold wallet will have 4-6 more card slots than a two-fold wallet. For the prodigal women who have a lot of credit cards and bank cards, there are more card slots. 'S wallet is really a good choice.

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