What material is good for the backpack? Recommended for ultra-durable backpacks

by:JIYALI     2021-07-05

Although most young ladies are accustomed to using leather bags, there are no fewer supporters of backpacks. After all, backpacks are still more practical and more durable. The following editor on No. 5 will tell you what material is good for the backpack?

Waterproof and practical polyester bag

European and American style mountaineering bag shape, 'different appearance' color, when you don't cover the bag, it shows cute pink, like an ugly little black spit With the tongue, the serious appearance felt a bit ugly and cute, which made people feel very interesting. Cover the bag with the lid and buckle the silk belt, which looks neat and precise.

The bright-colored metal zipper makes the monochrome body as bright as the resurrection. The small white patch in the lower left corner is printed with the brand LOGO, which not only looks foreign but also shows that 'Zhenggong' is around, don't worry about buying fake guys!

Fashion trend cowhide bag

The retro colors are like rocks deposited on the earth for thousands of years, unassuming, but also faintly telling the quaint temperament and vicissitudes of life. Original hand-made, fused with the designer's new ideas, since then let you carry a backpack full of emotions.

The stitching of suede leather and cowhide, more complex craftsmanship, it has a distinctive style and accent on the back. The geometric metal ring is hung with a tassel, which has its own ethereal attribute. After carrying it, releasing the hands, I can't help but want to let myself go.

Environmentally friendly and lightweight canvas bag

Using fashionable printing elements, cute polka dots, colorful colors, accidentally embellish your romantic and elegant femininity. Pair it with a pure white T and a warm lower body to make it a bright spot, sway your vigor and release your enthusiasm.

The digitally printed red and white striped backpack, the black and white rabbits that were shot in the run, are still jumping for joy. It turns out that they were shot by Cupid, the god of love. A random knot hangs down on both sides of the bag, as if seeing the shy and drooping ears of the rabbit, it is very cute and interesting. The girl carrying it must be a lovely person.

These three different materials are all better materials in the backpack. If you plan to buy a backpack recently, you can refer to these styles.

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