What material is good for mommy? 4 common materials pk

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The first canvas is economical and practical, which is to take care of suffering. Second, Oxford cloth has a long life, but it is not wear-resistant. The third polyester has good wrinkle resistance and water resistance, but it can generate static electricity. Fourth nylon, with high strength and good toughness, is easy to be damaged in low temperature environments. Let's explain in detail below.

What material is good for mommy bag

The function of mommy bag is very powerful. In general, you only need to prepare one to solve many problems. It is best to choose a durable and easy-to-care material. In addition, most of its storage is baby products, and children sometimes hold and suck to play, so the material of the mummy bag needs to be safe and environmentally friendly. The choice of the material of the mummy bag should not be sloppy at all. The high-quality material is not only strong and durable, but also saves a lot of trouble for the mother. At the same time, it is hygienic and environmentally friendly and will not affect the health of the baby. There are several kinds of common materials for mommy bags on the market. Let us first understand their characteristics.

1) Canvas

Canvas is a thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric. The biggest feature is that it is strong and durable, especially for moms who need to bring a lot of things out. In other words, this kind of material has a large bearing capacity and will not be easily damaged, so it is more economical and practical. In addition, it has a variety of types, stylish and versatile appearance, which is especially suitable for beauty-loving mothers. But it should be noted that the general canvas material is not waterproof, and it is easy for liquid to penetrate, thereby contaminating the supplies in the bag. After washing, it is prone to deformation, yellowing, fading, etc., which is troublesome to maintain.

2) Oxford cloth

Oxford cloth is a new type of combed cotton fabric with various functions and wide applications. Oxford cloth itself is strong and flexible, and has much looser requirements for the environment. After frequent and long-term use, it can still maintain its original appearance and have a long service life. Compared with canvas material, Oxford cloth is more convenient to clean and has good air permeability. Baoma will not feel sultry when it is worn on the body for a long time. It is an ideal material. But Oxford cloth has a significant disadvantage, that is, it is not abrasion resistant, so it should be avoided to rub it with hard objects for a long time to avoid damage.

3) Polyester

The chemical name of polyester is polyester fiber. The biggest advantage of this material is that it has good wrinkle resistance and water resistance, and has high strength and elastic recovery. , So it is more wear-resistant and durable. In addition, the polyester material is easy to clean, it can be cleaned directly with washing powder, and it is easy to dry. At the same time, the color fastness is good, the color is not easy to fade, and the pollution of the inner articles is avoided. However, it has poor hygroscopicity and is not breathable. It is easy to feel stuffy when used in summer, and it may cause static electricity when used in winter.

4) Nylon

The chemical name of nylon is polyamide. The 'PA' we often see is the abbreviation of nylon. This material has high mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile and compressive strength, and is more suitable for making mommy bags for storing various items. Moreover, nylon material can still maintain its original shape after repeated inflections, so its service life is relatively long. Moreover, its surface is smooth, has a comfortable carrying experience, and has a certain degree of water resistance and abrasion resistance, which greatly increases the use value of the mummy bag. Although nylon material has good water resistance, it lacks water absorption, so it is not very breathable, and its stability is also poor, and it is prone to damage in low temperature environments. This needs to be considered by the mothers before buying.

Reminder: These kinds of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Moms can choose according to their own preferences. The canvas material is economical and practical, but it is not very waterproof. Moms can choose the canvas material that has been waterproofed. The other three materials are more durable and comfortable, but they should avoid contact and friction with sharp objects.

Does the mommy bag work?

The size of the mommy bag is generally relatively large. Humanize. So the price of mommy bags is not very low. Let's take a look at the opinions of the mothers who have used it:

1. Going out is indispensable: If mothers often take their children out, they can consider it. In fact, this mainly depends on personal circumstances, to decorate the baby, and then put a small sheet.

2. Useless and unsightly: Some mothers find it useless. Mommy bags are expensive and mostly unsightly. You can find a larger bag instead.

Types of mommy bags

1. Backpacks:

Advantages: free hands, not afraid of being too heavy, very suitable for travel.

Disadvantages: The handling of things is very inconvenient. Therefore, the backpack can free your hands, push the stroller and carry the basket to buy vegetables, and it is also very useful when traveling, because even if it is loaded with heavy shoulders, the load is not great.

2. Side back/shoulder back category:

Advantages: It is very convenient to take and place things, and there are more style options.

Disadvantages: When it is too heavy, one shoulder is very tired. If the mother is alone, there is no way to carry the baby with the same arm. Easy access to things is the biggest need, and one-shoulder mommy bags can take things as you use them. And because there are many compartments in the bag, it is easy to sort, and it is very convenient to take whatever you need.

What kind of mummy bag is good?

1. Large capacity, many pockets

The ability of large capacity, many pockets, and reasonable distinction is called a mummy bag. It’s important to have multiple pockets. Different zippers and small pockets can solve many functional problems, so moms don’t have to struggle to find them. Plasticity in capacity is very important, and it is commonly known that unlimited possibilities are the best.

2. Strong practicality and special design.

Many mommy bags have their own unique designs. The design must be intimate to make it more convenient to use. For example, small bags that can be detached flexibly, mother-and-child bags, a design that can facilitate the cart hook, and a changing table function are all good choices.

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