What material is artificial leather? One of the commonly used leathers for bags

by:JIYALI     2021-07-09

Imitation leather is a relatively common material nowadays. It is often used on bags. Many people may not know it well. Let's take a look at how artificial leather is produced!

What material is artificial leather

Artificial leather is a plastic product that looks and feels like leather and can replace it. It is usually made of fabric as the base, coated with synthetic resin and various plastics. There are three main categories: PVC artificial leather, PU artificial leather and PU synthetic leather. In the 1980s, most people could not afford expensive leather clothing and leather materials. In response to market demand, imitation leather was once popular and was widely used in clothing and bags. Such imitation leather clothes and bags once flooded the streets, satisfying people's desire to wear leather. Compared with leather, artificial leather is prone to aging and abrasion, and it is harmful to human health because it contains a lot of chemical raw materials. Moreover, the clothes made of it are not durable and gradually lose the market until they are replaced by other raw materials.

Which types of artificial leather are there?

1. PVC artificial leather, that is, a layer of PVC resin (polyvinyl chloride, the material used for plastic bags) is coated on the surface of the cloth, artificial leather bags Most used;

2, PU synthetic leather, that is, a layer of PU resin (polyurethane resin, a polymer material) is coated on the surface of the non-woven fabric, which can be used to make clothing leather, shoe leather, etc. The quality is better than PVC artificial leather, which belongs to the second generation of artificial leather;

3. Super-fiber leather is also coated with polyurethane resin on the cloth, but the quality is higher. The quality of the base fabric is ultra-fine fiber, which is compatible Leather is comparable. Many high-end shoes are made of microfiber leather. The breathability, feel, and appearance are as good as real leather, and the price is high.

How to choose artificial leather

Artificial leather is the general term of pu leather and pvc leather. PVC leather is affordable, waterproof and scratch resistant, but the disadvantage is that it has a plastic smell and feels hard, sensitive to temperature and high temperature. If it becomes soft, it will become harder at cold temperatures. Pu leather feels soft, breathable, and environmentally friendly. It is the first choice for leather clothing, but the price is more expensive than PVC leather. It is afraid of water and light, and it is easy to age in two or three years. The semi-pu leather combines the feel of pu, and the pvc is not easy to age, and the finished product is relatively expensive and good in quality. Waterproof and not afraid of aging.

So based on these characteristics, I understand it roughly. If you still don’t worry, if you want to buy high-end products, you can directly buy microfiber. Microfiber can be said to be the advanced version of pu leather, which is resistant to wear and tear. Scratch resistance, anti-wrinkle and mildew resistance. The tensile force exceeds that of real leather. It can be used for 3-5 years without damage. So many advantages, but the price is more expensive, but no matter how expensive it is, it is more affordable than real leather. assured.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial leather

Advantages: similar to natural leather, bright appearance, soft texture, abrasion resistance, folding resistance, acid and alkali resistance, cheaper than real leather, waterproof than cloth, etc.


Disadvantages: poor air permeability and moisture absorption, more expensive than fabrics, sitting really cold in winter, and airtight, sweating in summer.

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