What line of luxury is Baodie's? Are Baodie's luxury goods?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-17

In the first-row shows of major brands every year, you can always see big-name celebrities holding Baodie's products, low-key and luxurious. So, what line of luxury is Baodie's? Are Baodie's luxury goods?

Is Baodie a luxury?

A first-line luxury brand.

There is a saying in the fashion industry that is widely circulated: 'When you don’t know what to use to express your fashion attitude, you can choose LV, but when you no longer need what to express your fashion attitude At the time, you can choose BV.' BottegaVeneta has always been praised for its 'low-key nobility'. The unlabeled BottegaVeneta is still dazzling and dazzling among similar products, relying on its genuine luxury quality.

Baodiejia brand introduction

Low-key, quality and craftsmanship – BottegaVeneta has brought together outstanding Italian traditional leather craftsmen since 1966, with first-class materials, excellent craftsmanship, and modern functions. And innovative design as its purpose, adhering to the consistent characteristics of magnificent and meticulous, focusing on beauty and upholding personal style. Ingenuity presents men's series, women's series, home art and fragrance series, etc.

BottegaVeneta, known as 'Italian HermesFang'. The exclusive leather weaving method made BOTTEGAVENETA famous in the 70s and became a well-known top luxury brand.

Brand classic products

Ladies handbags and men's leather shoes are BOTTEGAVENETA's specialties. The former, Hermes and Chanel are collectively referred to as luxury goods in luxury goods. The latter does not need to be tied, and is firmly ranked first in sales of similar products.

BOTTEGAVENETA's wallets have also been hot in recent years, because consumers have found that BottegaVeneta's wallets are rare, the more leather the better. Just like BottegaVeneta’s brand motto: “When your name is enough (Whenyourowninitialsareenough.). Yes, the classic weaving style is unique, and you never have to worry about putting it in the closet after the season. BOTTEGAVENETA from Italy never uses it. Standing on the cusp of fashion, but leading the trend beyond every detail.

BottegaVeneta's dinner bag is one of its most popular works. You can often see them in the hands of Hollywood stars and celebrities. Hermes and Chanel hold most of the high-end dinner bags, while BottegaVeneta has an absolute share in the handheld bags. Of course, the price is also astonishing US$2000-20000. Hermès, Chanel, and Baodie. The struggle of these three brands at the top of the luxury pyramid is still going on.

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