What kind of tote bags are popular this year? Tote bag style recommendation

by:JIYALI     2021-07-08

The tote bag is a popular style among the bags. The capacity of the tote bag is very large, so many office workers will choose this style of bag to carry, which is practical and beautiful. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what kind of tote bags are popular this year?

Canvas Tote Bag

The denim and cotton fabric is crisp and stylish, and it also shows a casual and fashionable atmosphere. The fringe embellishment is eye-catching, highlighting the individual taste. The large-capacity inner tank provides convenience for your travel collection.

The simple and elegant soft tones exude a romantic atmosphere. Contrasting color portable design, clean and neat, exquisite and enhanced recognition. The large-capacity bag is fashionable and western-style, and it is very practical.

Wide shoulder strap tote bag

Selected high-quality two-layer lychee pattern cowhide, beautiful and generous, soft and light. The fresh nude color injects softness and coolness, and the small card holder can be detached, which is convenient and practical.

The cowhide material is stiff and stylish, wear-resistant and easy to care for. Contrasting color shoulder straps are eye-catching and break the boring feeling of routine. The wide shoulder strap brings a light wearing experience, suitable for daily commuting.

Transparent pvc tote bag

The ice cream is fresh and cool in contrast, adding a touch of coolness to summer. The diamond check lightly outlines the three-dimensional and fullness of the bag. The opaque interlayer makes the visual effect richer and enhances style and fashion.

Finally, the transparent material of the mother-and-child bag is also good-looking. Don’t want it. The shape of the bag is rather rigid and square, giving people a very avant-garde fashion and modern feel. , And it has a very intimate inner bag design, so don’t worry about everything in the bag being seen!

The above tote bags of different materials are quite suitable Now this season, each one is very fashionable and well-matched. Girls who like this kind of big bags should get started!

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